Thank God It’s Frida (Paulsen Stern)! 10 New Video Clips

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Frida Paulsen Stern

Frida Paulsen Stern was born in 1994 and is ranked as one of Sweden’s most promising Bikini Fitness athletes.

Investing since 2014 wholeheartedly on strength training and Bikini Fitness.

Frida began competing in bikini fitness in the spring of 2014, and had been before its most kept house on the football field, where she played in recent years at the elite level. She ended her career in Bollstanäs elite and one for the season 2014 to start to invest wholeheartedly in strength training and dream of Bikini fitness scene. A decision certainly has paid off!

Since the debut of BODY Classic has strong performance and fine placement succeeded each other. Her young age and time fitness competitor despite Frida has managed to take a number of medals, both nationally and internationally. She has competed at the Arnold Classic (both in Europe and in the United States), represented the Swedish national team at the European Championship and achieved great success on recognized Loaded Cup in Denmark.

In addition to a passion for weight training and fitness contestants Frida is also a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer. She works everyday at the restaurant Hälsohörnan in Stockholm, while she was on the side also employs as nutritionist and personal trainer, and helps contest girls interested in posing for Bikini Fitness.

  1. Frida Paulsen Stern
  2. Frida Paulsen Stern
  3. Frida Paulsen Stern
  4. Frida Paulsen Stern
  5. Frida Paulsen Stern
  6. Frida Paulsen Stern
  7. Frida Paulsen Stern
  8. Frida Paulsen Stern
  9. Frida Paulsen Stern
  10. Frida Paulsen Stern
  11. Frida Paulsen Stern


Frida Paulsen Stern


Name:  Frida Paulsen Stern Age:  21 years Hometown:  Stockholm Height:  169 cm Weight:  59 kg on / 64 kg off Competing in:  Bikini Fitness



1st  BODY Classic 2014 +166 cm first Junior Championship in 2014, Open class7th  Arnold Classic Europe 2015 Junior1st  Loaded Cup 2015 Junior 1st  Loaded Cup 2015 -169 cm 1st Sweden Grand Prix 2015, +166 cmsecond  European Championship 2015 Junior +166 cm 10th  European Championship in 2015, -169 cm



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