The Romanian from Ireland: Nicoleta Chiorean

The Romanian from Ireland: Nicoleta Chiorean

Nicoleta is in love with the fitness industry and has been making her presence known in the competition arena. She was educated in bible study, math and physical education growing up in Romania at Emanuel High School, before attending Journalism College. She also studied computers, English, Spanish, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Cardiac First Responder and Personal Training in Dublin, Ireland. She is presently attending college where she is studying nutrition, sport psychology and management.

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Nicoleta always enjoyed sports, participating in athletics, basketball and tennis in Romania. After going to a few figure and competition shows with her husband, she was inspired by the female competitors. She loved the way their bodies looked liked and wished she could look like them one day. Along with not seeing her husband too often, she decided to start going to the gym where he used to train so as to spend more time with him. Hence in 2005, Nicoleta began her fitness career.
After only one year of training, in 2006, she won the NABBA Ms Ireland, and placed 8th at the Ms Universe in England. The following year, she won the Irish Nationals again and RIBBF Spring Classic. In 2008, she repeated by winning the RIBBF Spring Classic and taking 7th place at World Championship in Greece. She then won in the Short Class at the 2009 NAC World Championship in Holland and placed 2nd overall. She also took 4th place in couple class with her husband, Giani. This year, in March,  she competed in Arnold Classic.

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