Female Bodybuilder Rebekka Armstrong Biography

Female Bodybuilder Rebekka Armstrong Biography Rebekka Lynn Armstrong (born February 20, 1967 in Bakersfield, California) is a Playboy Playmate, whose announcement in 1994 that she was HIV-positive made international headlines. Armstrong appeared in Playboy’s September 1986 issue, and tested positive for HIV in 1989. When she made her public announcement in 1994, she became (along […]

Another Bodybuilding Title Taken Away

Liza Reichenberger aka “Herculiza,” 49, and former  2008 WNBF Natural Universe Champion, among many other titles, has had her most recent win stripped. Liza was the overall winner of the recent WNBF Pro U.S. Cup Natural Bodybuilding Championships on October 26 in Sacramento. She came in with an impressive package and was rewarded for it. However, […]

Team Universe Women’s Overall Bodybuilder Disqualified reported that the official word came from the NPC that Michele Pome, overall winner at this year’s Team Universe, has been disqualified. In light of this news, each competitor from her class (heavyweight) will move up one spot. However, there will be no overall winner announced for the contest and since only the overall winner […]

Video: Ericca Kern Squats

Ericca Kern Squats At the age of 18 Ericca Kern discovered she had an eating disorder. In 1985 Ericca was attending the University of Minnesota Duluth and found a small weight room. In 1992 Ericca started to train for her first show, the Gopher State championship. There she placed first in the heavyweight class, and […]

Bodybuilder Tennille Ray Featured

Professional figure competitor Tennille Ray was recently featured in a syndicated AP News story title, ROCK HARD: on being a female bodybuilder. The article tells the story of a challenge give to Ray from an overweight girl: …an overweight girl told Ray she was so pretty she wanted to see her in magazines — and […]

Akila Pervis Debut at Phoenix’s Pro

It has just been announced that Phoenix, Az will be hosting its first ever IFBB Pro Show. The event will offer Men’s Open/202 Bodybuilding, Womens Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure. This full spectrum competition is huge for Phoenix!! The show will take place Feb. 20, 2010, a great time to head to the desert where the temps still […]

49 Year Old Female Bodybuilder Herculiza, Liza Reichenberger

Liza Reichenberger wasn’t a typical little girl growing up. She spent 10 years in ballet, trying her best to be dainty and girlish, but  was often relegated to male roles involving lifting. Herculiza wanted to be graceful, but was strong and sturdy: “As a child, I used to cry (alone, later) when my parents’ friends […]

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