Spotlight: New Pro Zoa Linsey

Zoa not only won the heavyweight open and overall, but also won the heavyweight and masters overall at the 2009 IFBB North American Championships this past weekend, which qualifies her for IFBB pro status. Zoa was expected to do well, after placing second in the heavyweight category to eventual overall winner Lyris Cappelle at the […]

2009 Olympia Qualifications

Looking at the pro female bodybuilders that have qualified so far for the 2009 IFBB Ms. Olympia we have* Pros qualified from the 2008 Ms. Olympia: 1. Iris Kyle, USA 2. Betty Viana-Adkins, Venezuela 3. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, Venezuela 4. Lisa Aukland, USA 5. Dayana Cadeau, Canada 6. Cathy LeFrancois, Canada Pro qualifications added from the […]

Cathy LeFrancois: Olympia Derailed?

An injury seems to be pushing female pro Cathy LeFrancois out of the 2009 Olympia. Click here for our gallery of Cathy at the 2009 Arnold Posts from her blog yesterday.. Sometimes God answers the prayers of those who are in higher need. Maybe its not my time..truth is Olympia isn’t going anywhere and neither […]

A Private Appointment with 2 Female Bodybuilders

It’s time to imagine. Friday finally comes. You’ve just cleansed yourself in the shower, washing away the grime and stress from another brutal work week. And waiting for you, a private appointment with two female bodybuilders. Gayle Moher and Lauren Powers greet you at the door of a hotel room. They are muscular, ripped, and […]