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Name: Katka Kyptová

Birth: 19th 9th 1983 in Mlada Boleslav

Location: Mlada Boleslav

Height: 168 cm

Competitive / Non-competition weight: 75/81 kg

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How I relax: a massage, sauna, salt cave, a glass of good wine with friends, watching fairy tales:)

What I was addicted:): on the move, counting calories ), on rice, the music, the fragrant bars and on the people:)

What can not be without: without my breakfast )) (puffed rice with protein ….: o) and without moving:)

What I am: friendly, always smiling, sociable, tolerant, sensitive, open, phlegmatic and still hyper

Motto: People who can not understand the value we have for growth. Those with whom souzníme have the value of benefits. Both are equally important, although the first is quite annoying and the other vice versa.

Education:Technical University of Liberec, Faculty of Education, majoring in Sports Management

  • National Academy of Physical Culture – Cardiofitness (fitness trainer Sports II. Class)

  • FISAF (specialization Muscle conditioning)

  • Eva Blahušové Wellness – Pilates instructor

  • FACE – Bosu Core Diploma

  • FACE – Bosu Fitness

  • FACE – Bosu Strength


  • FACE – Personnel training in pregnancy and after childbirth

  • FACE – Health and functional training for current clients

Work: I work with a personal trainer and fitness advice on healthy lifestyle

Specialization: Sport diagnostics, training for increasing fitness, reducing intensive training, training to support muscle growth, flexibility, training, compensation practice, removing imbalances, training of lower back pain in pregnancy and after childbirth, nutrition for athletes and the general population, the influence of nutrition on health, alternative treatment for diseases.  Katka Kaptopva Facebook Fan Page

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