Kristelle Sammons: paradox from the British Isles

Kristelle Sammons: paradox from the British Isles
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Kristelle Sammons
Kristelle is one of the most talked about models within the fitness industry at present!! This highly….highly motivating 26 year old hails from these here British Isles. She is a paradox! Humble and grounded yet striking and exotic. Pint-sized in stature yet powerful in physique. Quirky and playful yet fiercely focused and determined.

She owes her remarkable physique to her continuously dedicated training sessions, and owes her Amazonian Indo-Caribbean features to her Trinidadian roots. Kristelle easily lifts a few kilos and easily turns a few heads!

In debut she created ripples. The Londoner first competed in 2007 heading up North and clinching the ‘Trained Figure’ title at the National Physique Association (NPA) Yorkshire Finals. A year later she was crowned NPA British Champion.

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Now she threatens to create waves in the fitness world! Her future
aspirations? To gain further recognition and notoriety as a fitness model
and to one day open a successful gym. Her blinkered focus and sheer bloody-mindedness leaves no doubt in my mind that Ms Sammons will achieve her targets and live out her aspirations.

With a name, physique, attitude and presence you are unlikely to forget
she is destined for big things! Watch this space and hold tight…cos here
comes Kristelle Sammons!

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