Female Muscle Bodybuilding Interviews

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Female Muscle Bodybuilding Interviews by Lori Victoria Braun


Valentina Chepiga. Lori Brain interviews 2000 Ms. Olympia Heavyweight Champion, Valentine Chepiga.

“To win Ms./Mr. Olympia is the highest point in the career of every bodybuilder. Because the dream of my life came true, I was very excited and happy. My life became more interesting and filled with events. I appear and will continue to appear at various bodybuilding competitions as a guest poser or just a guest. I also take part in video and photo shootings.”

Anita Ramsey. Interview with Anita Ramsey. Part 1. Part 2.

“Everyone at the gym I trained at asked me if I was one (a bodybuilder) so I opted to try it so when I was asked I would say “yes, I am” instead of “What’s a bodybuilder?”

Ben Weider. Lori Brain interviews Sir Ben Weider.

“I believe that Rachel McLish and Cory Everson were the 2 most influential female bodybuilders in the last 30 years”

Juliette Bergmann. Lori Braun interviews Juliette Bergmann.

“Everybody is supposed to know the guidelines especially the judges. The guidelines are specific and a woman bodybuilder is in the first place a woman, a woman bodybuilder is a woman with muscle. I always followed my own feeling about how I like to look like and that is something what no guideline or opinion from judges can influence. The body I show is the body I train for and I like to have.”

Sharee’ Scadron. Lori Victoria Braun interviews Talk Live Bodybuilder Sharee’ Scadron.

Lena Johannesen. Lovely, Lively, Lena: An Interview with Lena Johannesen by Rob Wilkins.

Dina Al-Sabah. Sacrificing to Compete: An Interview with Dina Al-Sabah By Rob Wilkins.

“The first time I ever lifted a weight was in 1991 when I moved to London. Living in a new country and not knowing anyone, I decided that joining a gym would be a fun way to spend time and meet people. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but it was a start.”

Lori Braun. The tables are turned. Lori Braun is interviewed – “Reigning Queen of Female Muscle.”

“Lori Braun is many things, but first and foremost she is the reigning queen of female muscle. Lori’s websites include Female Muscle, a power house female bodybuilding site, Athletic Tube, an upstart video sharing site focusing on the female figure, and of course the Lori Braun Blog. Some call Lori eccentric, some call her wildly creative, but no one calls her dull.”

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