Ericca Kern, Making A Switch

Ericca Kern, Making A Switch
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Ericca Kern, 44-years-old, has been an IFBB pro for years, she competed as a bodybuilder until 1998. Ericca just announced that she will be buying some heels and making the switch to figure this year. She announced on her facebook page that she is looking for a challenge and had been considering competing again, but this time in figure.

“…If IFBB allows me to compete again I just realized that I will now have to do quarter turns in 6″ heels… I was used to bare-feet… This may require a different type of coordination… The positive?… I get to go shoe shopping!!…The people at the shows were the very best part of the whole deal. The stage was never fun, the prep was a challenge and the photo shoots were icing.. It was the fans and followers of the sport that made it a joy…My true love is the iron and the bodybuilding..I just don’t think that after 10 years I could gain the size I’d need to stand on stage next to everyone in the BB division.”

Competitive Record

  • 1998 Ms. International Results, 13th
  • 1997 Ms. International Results, 14th
  • 1996 Ms. International Results,15th
  • 1995 North American, 1st Heavyweight and Overall Champ
  • 1995 USA, 4th Heavyweight
  • 1994 NPC Nationals, 5th Heavyweight
  • 1994 Jr. USA, 1st Heavyweight
  • 1992 Minnesota State, 1st Heavyweight
  • 1992 Gopher State, 1st Heavyweight and Overall Champ
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  1. James Peter  January 3, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    It will be interesting to see how Ericca competes at her age. Different peoples age at different rates. Elke Sommer was, arguably, the most beautiful woman ever. She changed so much when she got older that she now considers that earlier self another person altogether. Other competitors like Georgia Brown and even Rachel McLish retained their incredible appeal into the master’s class age range. It is hard to predict…we will see…


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