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February 25, 2011- New York City

Every so often something special and exciting happens in the world of female bodybuilding. Here at FemaleMuscle.com we pride ourselves in being able to identify these rare and significant occasions. In the past few months, we have come across who we believe will be a major player in the future of female bodybuilding. Her name is Andrea.

On Facebook, she goes by Fitandrea Fbb, and it might be appropriate that we start there. The reason we start there with the number 2 site on the Internet and quintessential social media “800-pound gorilla”, is because that’s where Fitandrea Fbb is. Utilizing the power of social media, Fitandrea Fbb, has fans both enraptured and captivated with her quest to participate in the Ms. Olympia competition. Click below for full gallery.

She makes multiple daily posts that show she is: sweet, tough, dedicated, focused and driven to succeed, you almost can’t help but cheer for her passion and success. When we at FemaleMuscle.com first became exposed to Fitandrea Fbb, we watched initially bemused, and then became uncontrollably caught up in her spell.

This is the first but certainly not the last posting about Fitandrea Fbb. She is working on the development of her own website and is now becoming a member of the FemaleMuscle.com family by appearing on the brand new FemaleMuscleLive.com webcam service.