Getting “back” to the Basics, Part 4

Getting “back” to the Basics, Part 4
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T-bar rows; thicken the outer back.

One arm dumbbell rows; isolate each part of the back. Rowing one side at a time with a dumbbell has two unique advantages over machine or barbell rows. It isolates the latissimus muscles on each side and allows you to lift the weight higher, thus allowing you to lift the weight higher. You will therefore get a more complete contraction. Using heavy weight in this exercise is less important than getting the fullest range of motion, which will help to define the center of the back.

One arm cable rows; develop the lower lats. This is an especially good movement for tying the lower lats to the waist.

Seated cable rows; to develop the thickness of the back and the lower lats. This movement also works the lower section of the lats.

Bent arm pull over with barbell; to work the lower lats and the serratus. It also stretches the pecs and widens the ribcage.

Dead lifts; to work the lower back. Dead lifts are an overall power exercise that involve more muscles than any other exercise in your routine, including the lower back, upper back and Trapezius muscles, the buttocks, and the legs. A strong lower back is especially important when doing movements like Bent Over Rows and T-bar rows, which put a lot of strain on this area.

Good Mornings; works the lower back in isolation. Good mornings are similar to straight leg dead lifts.

Hyperextensions; to develop the spinal erectors in the lower back.

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