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Muscle Domination is hardcore sexual fantasy with a Dominatrix or Mistress that could out-muscle most men! It explores extreme sexual pleasure, ranging from the glorification of the human form through exercise and bodybuilding to body piercing, domination, foot worship, and a wide variety of other forms of fetish & carnal adventures. Prepare to be tormented, teased and dominated. This is female muscle with attitude.

While there are other buff mistresses that have a passion for dominating and punishing naughty men, not many compare to Goddess Heather. One of her tweets reads “I now know just how many needles a man’s wiener can take before it’s broken!”. Damn!

Goddess Heather, also known as professional bodybuilder Heather Tristany, always knew she didn’t want to live a typical suburban life. “Growing up meant that I could do anything I wanted to do. I could make my own rules.” she says. “I dreamed about living a life filled with glamour, sexual excitement, emotional and intellectual fulfillment and to possess a body that would represent my high standard for personal excellence.”

Heather began weight training in 1978 to stay active and prevent weight gain after graduation. She met Janet Strong at her gym, who was into heavy lifting and suggested it to Heather. She says “Hey, if weight training can make me look that hot too, I’ll certainly give it a try”.

Her first contest was the Tournament of Champions in 1989 and won the Overall title. She went on to achieve international acclaim as a champion bodybuilder and competed until 1997. Heather has been featured in most fitness and muscle magazines as well as “The Women: Photographs Of The Top Female Bodybuilders” and “Modern Amazons” by famed physique photographer Bill Dobbins.

So how does someone go from champion bodybuilder to muscle dominatrix? Some bodybuilders go into Muscle Worship and Lift & Carry to earn a living after the competitive stage, but Heather took sexual muscle fantasy to the next level. She’s never been one to go the normal route. Heather comments “Not many people I know can say they live their dreams. My life rocks!”

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