Bill Dobbins

Valentina Chepiga

From the Ukraine, Valentina Chepiga has won the two most prestigious shows in professional bodybuilding; the Arnold Classic and Olympia. You can read an older femalemuscle interview with Valentina here or see the previews of her lingerie modeling photos and videos with shemuscleraw here. Photo by Bill Dobbins.

Amber Deluca

I have competed in figure and bodybuilding shows at the Nationals and the Ms. Universe for NABBA Figure. I have powerlifted, armwrestled, done Muay Thai, wrestled in college, rockclimbing, volleyball, and a host of other athletic events. I am a New Mexico State commissioned judge for the King of the Cage mixed martial arts events, and am an active personality in the NHB world having been the Filipino FemaleMartial Artist of the year, and been profiled in Grappling Magazine, Black Belt, and Martial Arts Training. I was an American Gladiator, “Apache”, in Orlando, FL, and my roommate was Shannon Hall. I am always in excellent shape and very strong.

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