Boxing Champ = Tea Server

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There is a flurry of allegations of sexism in India over the case of 2006 World Boxing Championship bronze medalist and Indian National boxing champ Renu Gora. Renu, who is at a sports institute studying to be a coach, is apparently serving tea and washing dishes.

A Hindustan Times report claims that Renu along with another upcoming boxer Monica were serving the media personnel at an event. The report apparently quotes her as saying that she has been forced to serve tea and wash cups at the Indian National Institute of Sports (NIS).

renu gora

Congress MP Rajeev Shukla is quoted as having said:

The news of Renu Gora serving tea and cleaning dishes for visiting officials and media persons at NIS Patiala is disturbing. More than a case of gender bias against female boxers, this is a sorry tale of how female sportspersons fail to find any encouragement from authorities. These women have joined NIS for becoming a coach because they cannot make their ends meet through regular and dignified employment.

If we as a nation fail to provide a dignified living to even our illustrious female sportspersons, it paints an unfortunate picture of the future of female sportspersons in India.

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