Yarishna: Angel of Puerto Rico

Yarishna Earlier today someone asked me, “Have you heard of Yarishna Ayala?”.  I replied, “isn’t that one of the angels?…..there’s Michael, Gabriel, Raphael,…Yarishna?…….maybe not, they all seem to end in ‘el'”.  “Well,” he said, “look her up because I think you’ll be impressed”.  So I did, I looked her up and before I could finish typing in “Yarish….”, Google with their automated fill in completed: Yarishna Nicole Ayala.  So I said to myself: you think you’re so smart Google?  I’m going to check the results for just “Yarishna”, I’m not even going to use the ayala, or the nicole. As the wisdom of Google prevailed, Yarishna Nicole Ayala easily dominates the first ten pages of Google results.  So, naturally being curious to who she was, I went back to my original theory that she might be an angel.  Super incredible body and IFBB Pro Card holder and something about her.  There’s something about Yarishna, and we think she may actually be an angel.

She’s from Bayamon in Puerto Rico.  I said I think she’s the Angel of Puerto Rico.  Then, I thought that it would be only prudent to go and actually see if there was an Angel of Puerto Rico before I bestowed that prestigious honor upon her.  What I found was a YouTube video that shows an image next to a fire that appears to be an angel.  Other than that there is no bona fide specific search engine result for Angel of Puerto Rico.  i thought maybe we should say, “Fitness Angel of Puerto Rico”, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it.  So, I’m going with Yarishna: Angel of Puerto Rico.  The only problem with that is you may have to go to confession after looking at the gallery we have assembled, because she is a sight to behold.  We are also compelled to share with you her very active Facebook Fan Page and Instagram.  We should all be following and watching this incredible IFBB athlete.

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