Tanya Merryman: Golden Calves

Tanya Merryman: Golden Calves

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Fans of the pioneering Fitness America Pageant surely remember one of its greatest competitors, raven-haired Tanya Merryman, who won the crown in 1998. It’s hard to believe more than a decade has past, but Tanya — having taken a lengthy respite from stage spotlights that alluded to retirement — is back and competing again.

Not surprisingly, she’s still got it. In fact, she looks better than ever!

Indeed, leg enthusiasts have always pointed to Tanya’s calves as being the gold standard — and it’s foolish to argue — but her startlingly etched abs and muscular back are nothing to sneeze at; she was in breathtaking shape for the studio.

But while her physique continues to grow more polished throughout the years, nothing seems likely to compare with Tanya’s irrefutable character and integrity. One needs to look no further than at her poised reaction to a flummoxing last-place finish at this year’s Arnold.

A lesser competitor may have scoffed at the insulting snub to a former champion, especially coming off an injury. Not Tanya. “That was fine,” she said in a candid interview with Bodysport. “When I hurt my hamstring again and had to alter my routine I knew I wasn’t going to be my best so I just rolled with it.”

She always will — win or lose. That’s class. That’s Tanya Merryman. Welcome back, girl.

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