Sherrie Carnicle: A small insight into my world…

Sherrie Carnicle: A small insight into my world…
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Sherrie CarnicleChildhood

Sherrie Carnicle, mother, personal trainer, fitness model and competitor born December 22, 1977 and raised in Cedar Rapids, IA.
My parents and family inspired my interest in fitness, father was a golden gloves boxer, and competitive power-lifter, mother never missed a day of exercise, every morning she did videos in our living room. Our Father actually paid us an allowance to do push ups and sit ups each night.
Growing up with one brother, Paul, who was 4 ½ years older than me, you could describe me as a tomboy. I followed him around playing football, catching insects, and riding dirt bike. I then followed in his athletic footsteps as he set records in track in middle school and high school.

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I started with karate and gymnastics around the age of 6 and continued my involvement in sports such as volleyball, track, soccer, cheerleading throughout middle school and high school.
During my first season of track, as a freshman in high school, I started lifting weights and was immediately hooked.
I knew my passion and career path right out of high school and went to college at Western Illinois University, to pursue a BS in Exercise Science, graduating with honors. I was a fitness trainer for the student recreation center and actively participated and took on leadership roles in many student clubs.
After college I did my internship in AZ at Camelback Resort. Shortly after my internship I had my daughter Hailee, who is now 7, and moved back to IA.
I did my first figure competition in 2004, 10 months after giving birth to Hailee. I placed first in my initial show and earned a pro card in NGA. I went on to compete later in the NPC sanction where I am currently top ten ranked national competitor in figure.  While training for shows I picked up an interest in running road races and actually placed at the top in many ranging from 5k to 25k.
Work Experience
10+ years experience as a personal trainer
5 years in the food industry has given me knowledge in areas of nutrition and food processing to educate clients.
Member of IDEA, NASM, American Heart Association, Insured independent personal trainer
Areas of Focus
I work with corrective exercise and flexibility, sport specific training, weight loss, pre/post natal, post rehabilitation, children’s fitness, fitness contest prep, nutrition consultant and programs, core emphasis, and very detailed approach. Always keep your body guessing and very functional with a preventative approach to health and wellness. The ultimate goal is to help clients discover their best self.
I lived in IA and was a personal trainer part-time and food technologist part time.  The fitness industry was lacking in IA and I had the opportunity to relocate to MN through Cargill.
Career Change
I moved to MN in Oct 2006-Within a year of working in MN, realized the fitness industry was great for switching to full time personal trainer.  I pursued my passion in fitness by beginning full time personal training career in 2007 and it was a success!
As business was successful, I knew that it could be successful in a place that I would be happier living in. My ultimate goal was to move to AZ and made it happen in Oct 2009. No more winters!!
Client success
10 people 80-100lb weight loss, winning challenge/gym contest marriage, client’s compete in shows, and marathons.
States worked in
Minneapolis and Scottsdale, AZ area
Publications, Awards, Modeling, Promotional
I have been featured in Muscle and Fitness Hers, Max Muscle National Magazine and commercial, Gopher Sports Magazine, Miss Hawaiian Tropic-Iowa in national pageant, Expo Promotional Work-Olympia and Arnold
Have worked with companies such as ALRI, Max Muscle, and Nutrigenix
Life Outlook
I enjoy bringing spirituality into training and life, positive energy and inspiration
Music drives and motivates me and I have always explored the idea of learning how to spin electronic music.
Goals I am currently working on:
I aspire to be one of Scottsdale’s premier female personal trainers expanding my business to more and more people in the Old Town, PV, and Scottsdale areas. I want to be a resource for people and a community leader in promoting fitness and reaching adults and children, changing and positively impacting lives of clients and people clients reach as well.  I would also like to create posing seminars and coaching more figure and bikini competitors helping them to become more successful at the sport.
Personally I would love to grace the cover of magazine such as Oxygen or Muscle and Fitness and inspire people with busy lifestyles to create a positive and healthy lifestyle not only for themselves but, for those that are around them.  Positive and healthy people really do influence people around them with great impact in a healthy way.  Making healthy choices can and will impact your life, your friend’s life and your children’s alike.
Passion and Hobbies-My daughter, hiking/outdoors, nature, music, art, dancing, comedy, reading and learning, spiritual growth
Tools of the Trade
Things I wouldn’t train without are my heart rate monitor, my Ipod, and Mynetdiary Pro Application.
I live to inspire and motivate.  I am fulfilling my duty here on earth through being an excellent mother and an inspirational trainer
Books, Authors, and Inspirational Figures
Bible, Deepak Chopra, Eckart Tolle, The 4 Agreements, Louise Hay, Steven Covey, Let Your Life Speak, elementary school teachers

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  1. Thea Hayes  July 19, 2011 at 9:07 am

    As as teacher and parent, I really appreciate the comments that Sherrie made about her Dad paying her allowance to do pushups and situps. The choices that parents make as motivation and role-modeling for their kids is really decisive in shaping their lives. Sherrie, how have you managed to develop your shoulders that large in comparison to your biceps? And just another note…I would have loved to have seen a photo of your back, which is missing from the gallery. Your daughter is lucky to have you as inspiration for a healthy life! :)

  2. James Peter  July 13, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    Sherry is a great beauty who’s at the other end of the fitness spectrum from bodybuilding. More on the side of fitness competitor, she has the option of appearing utterly ‘normal’ or, with some training, to enter the fitness world. To some, this is ‘far enough’ and noone can complain about the results seen here…


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