Europa Battle of Champions Womens Bodybuilding Results

Europa Battle of Champions Womens Bodybuilding Results
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Brigita Brezovac makes it two in a row! She just came off a win at the Tampa pro, and this past weekend took the 2010 Europa Battle of Champions win. She is setting herself up for a great run at the Olympia! Helen Bouchard is making a great comeback. She took 2008 and 2009 off but this year has already placed 4th in the 2010 Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships and now has a ticket to the Olympia!

1. Brigita Brezovac 
2. Helen Bouchard 
3. Cathy LeFrancois 
4. Nicole Ball 
5. Debbie Bramwell 
6. Skadi Frei-Seifert 
7. Lisette Acevedo 
8. Tazzie Columb 
9. Wendy Mccready 
10. Cassandra Floyd 
11. Beverly DiRenzo 
12. Rita Rae 
13. Tammy Patnode 
14. Maria Calo 
15. Daniela Sell 
15. Aurelia Grozajova 
Mary Jerumbo 
Irene Andersen 
Elizabeth Gomez 
Sarah Bridges

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