Collin Fisher All Muscle

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Collin Fisher may have only three shows under her belt, but she has a fully mature physique. She won the NPC New York City Championship Overall in 1995, NPC Atlantic States (Bev Francis) Overall in 1996, and 1st place middleweight in Dallas 1997 Nationals (earning her IFBB Pro Status). She held out until she got an invite to the Ms. International which she finally got several years ago, but there were only seven weeks notice and she was unable to participate. While she has not taken the stage, she has not ruled it out in the future. We can only hope to see more of her fantastic physique.CLICK BELOW FOR FULL GALLERY

“If it’s summer I usually let my physique show. If it’s a nightclub I might also, but if I’m out someplace relatively conservative and it’s not hot, I try to dress conservatively – but no matter what I wear people know I’m a bodybuilder ,” Collin told GeneX Magazine.

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  1. Joseph  July 8, 2010 at 11:02 am

    Time for a comeback.


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