British IFBB Pro Women's Bodybuilder Carmen Knights

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Carmen Knights enjoys training hard and preparing for shows, but she didn’t even know about bodybuilding competing until she was 28-years-old. She began competing as a figure competitor, but her love for muscle led to her switch to bodybuilding and subsequently earning of her pro card.

“I am very new to the Bodybuilding category, I want to continue improving with every show that I do. I would like to use all that I have learnt of the past few years in helping others, whether it be for general fitness reasons, to lose weight or for competitive level.”

Date of Birth:- September 22, 1973
Place of Birth:- Ipswich  Suffolk
Height:- 5 ft 6inches
Contest Weight:- 11 stone (154 pounds)
Off Season Weight:- 12 ½ stone (175 pounds)
Current Residence:- St.Albans  Hertfordshire
First Body Building Contest:-UKBBF Lemington Spa Qualifier 2003
Major Contest Wins:-UKBFF British Bodyfitness Champion 2005 (Earned Pro Card)

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  1. John Bellamy  April 16, 2013 at 11:45 am

    Just seen Carmen @ the gym she looks amazing!!! Very beautiful woman


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