Bethany Karlin nicknamed “SuperGirl”

Bethany Karlin nicknamed “SuperGirl”
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bethany karlin

My name is Bethany Karlin. Before receiving my Figure Pro card with the WBFF I was a top-level national figure competitor with the NPC. As an individual, I strive for nothing less than the best, and thrive on competing. Training and pushing my body to the limit is what makes me tick. I am very proud of my hard work and level of conditioning.

I am honored to have recently received my pro card with the WBFF where I competed in the World Championships in Missassauga, Canada. I have been nicknamed SUPERGIRL by my trainer and friends because of my strong work ethic in and out of the gym. I tend to bring a unique look to the figure stage, and no matter where I place, it’s evident that the work went into my preparation. I love pushing my body to the limit and training as hard as I possibly can. All of my workouts are backed by the mantra “Go hard or go home.” I love the results that come with hard work and the inspiration I provide to others. Working out is my passion, my love, and my life.

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  1. James Peter  August 18, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    Simply breathtaking…I can think of nothing witty when confronted with such perfection of form…


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