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Welcome to FemaleMuscle! We are the largest female bodybuilder and female bodybuilding website on the Internet. We have specialized in bodybuilding and fitness coverage for 20 years. FemaleMuscle.com was founded by Lori Victoria Braun, who is still the owner, editor, and publisher. Lori Victoria Braun has grown into one of the most recognizable names and personalities in female bodybuilding.

Because we now have close to 100,000 Google indexed pages, we want to help you navigate your way so that you find exactly what you are looking for. We have installed a Search utility in the upper right hand corner so that you can easily search our expansive bodybuilding and fitness website.

Mission Statement

Femalemuscle supports the international advancement of female bodybuilders and athletes by the publication of compelling articles, videos, and photographic content. This content helps promote the beauty, strength, and power of women throughout the world.

Femalemuscle also encourages women and men to work out consistently so that all can achieve a long and healthy life and maintain confidence, inner strength, and a youthful appearance at all ages.

Femalemuscle believes that women, as well as men, can achieve and take pride in their strength, power, and athleticism.

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Femalemuscle.com was established in December 1995.

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Our site is the largest and most comprehensive bodybuilding and fitness site on the Internet.

We are the only major bodybuilding site with female ownership and the only site whose major focus is covering and promoting female bodybuilding and health.

We extensively report on both the professional and amateur female and male bodybuilding scene.

Our photographers and editorial staff create large galleries for all major bodybuilding events.

Our “Homegrown” feature allows women who train to submit their photographs and biographies and to show off what they have accomplished. This publicity can help them in their bodybuilding goals and encourages all of our viewers to train hard, eat healthier, and maintain a positive self-image.

We offer a Talk Live program where we can instantly connect you to over 50 female bodybuilders around the world and new female bodybuilders are joining us each week.

There are many, many more features and sections of femalemuscle.com that I am sure you will enjoy.

Thank you so much for your interest in femalemuscle.com and we hope that we are able to inspire you and encourage you. Please enjoy our exciting and fun site!

Lori Victoria Braun