Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

We got a very nice email from a bodybuilder residing in Uruguay telling us “I`d like very much to see my photos published in your prestigious site”. How could we resist? Flattery, after all, will get you everywhere! Here is some more info about Laura”
“I`m a bodybuilder from Uruguay, actually competitor from lightweight division, my weight is about 58 k off-season and 50 k competition weight, my height is 1.55 m., blond hair, gray eyes, I`m also a competitor in weight lifting and bench press and interested in fitness modeling, I`m sending some pics from my last competitions and a photographer`s session, I hope you like them”
We do like them Laura, and I am sure our readers will too.
CLICK HERE TO VIEW LAURA’S GALLERY <-- opens a new tab/window

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