Thu. May 23rd, 2024

I am grateful. You know why? Because I am at PEACE! I can’t complain. I am grateful for what I have and do not have a sense of entitlement. I do not need more than what I have. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t want it, i.e., more money for instance, but right now I can say I am content with what I do have.
I appreciate my life and those special people I choose to allow in that are truly genuine. This doesn’t mean I think I am better than anyone else, every one of us has wonderful qualities, but not everyone is going to like each other or be aligned with one another despite those qualities.
Thus, this is when we make a choice…

We can choose not to associate with someone if they are not aligned with our goals, or not appropriate for any other reason. This world is vast and lots of other genuine people will show up instead, who will be more aligned with who we are and enhance or match up to the energy we currently have.
Let everyone be fine as they are. Let them think what they want, believe what they want, let them do what they want, kiss ass all they want, “name drop” all they want, and shit-talk all as much as they need to occupy their time. F*ck it! I am not judging anyone so… do your thing! We are all responsible for our own feelings, including myself!
What others think about me is none of my business and it is not a reflection of who I truly am. I have more interesting things to think about anyway, i.e., my empowerment and my ever growing strong mindset. I feed it every day. I am constantly becoming more aware of myself and I love it because it makes me stronger. I am also doing things to leap out of my comfort zone, but that’s my secret for now…
When you love yourself, you become secure enough not to care who you please or who loves you. You will actually say NO and mean it when you say F*ck off! You matter and no one else ~ life isn’t about perception and what others think of you. I’d rather people dislike me for me than change myself to please them and accommodate my mood and actions to what is going on at the time. It’s a great place to be at and keeps me smiling.
So next time someone talks about you, gossips about you, creates lies about you to suit themselves – – remember who you are. Remember their opinion, their thoughts, their ideas and their “anything whatsoever” IS NOT a reflection of who you are. Their word is not gold and only those that are non-judgmental or easy manipulated will stay on an even plane and realize there is more to that person that’s being spoken about.
REMEMBER: REGARDLESS of ANYTHING, there will always be people who like you, and people who dislike you. There will always be people who approve of you, and people who disapprove of you. As Caplot says “It is impossible to please everybody. Somewhere, someone will not like what you are.” And you know what? That’s okay!!! You know why? Because “there are those that will also love what you are, just as you are…” without judgment or being critical of your every word, move, thought, idea, action, etc., etc….

Why waste time fitting in to please others when we can invest our energy into attracting people who love what we are, and let go of the others? When you try to fit in to be a part of a group of people solely because you think they’re “the shit,” you’ll attract people who are not fully aligned with integrity and authenticity themselves.
So be happy with you are, what you’ve accomplished, the choices you’ve made, the life you’re living, and those that are in your life…be happy with it all and be confident in what your life will bring in daily lessons and successes. I look forward to each one this New Year.
“Bold self-expression, happiness and personal fulfillment are keys to attracting loving people into our life. People love people who are happy and fulfilled. It makes them happy as well. Such energy is contagious. But you can’t be really happy when you betray yourself.” ~ Caplot