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Jemma Palmer Pro Wrestler & Pro Hottie

Jemma Palmer, 23-years-old, was a model before she began her wrestling career. One of the hurdles keeping her from rocketing into the American pro wrestling industry was her lack of citizenship. She was invited to tryout for the American series of American Gladiators, but due to visa problems could not take part in that either, but Jemma did appear in […]

Transgender Activist Donna Rose competes in the U.S. Open Wrestling Championships

Donna Rose, while 51-years-old, has only been a women for 10-years. For the first 40-years of her life she was Dave, a successful business and family man, but she was living a lie. In her youth, she was a good wrestler and football player. Some 25-years after her last match she returned to the mat. […]

Tara LaRosa: MMA Superstar

Tara LaRosa is an incredible fighter and has been virtually unbeatable in her division. For the past four straight years, she hasn’t let any fight go to decision. With dominating submissions and powerful striking she has been called the top P4P fighter in the world. Critics attribute part of her success to her sub-parr opponents. […]