Stripped Down And Stepping Back Out

Stripped Down And Stepping Back Out

Marion Jones was stripped of five medals from the 2000 Sydney Olympics due to using steroids, an accusation she fought for a long time. Once she stopped the fight she admitted to using the once undetectable steroid TGH. Lying about her use of steroids and a check fraud scheme cost her six months in a federal […]

Marion Jones Refocused And Back In The Game

Marion Jones, the epic Olympic sprinter, who was striped of her gold medal for doping charges has found a new home. She is playing in the WNBA for the Tulsa Shock. She has come a long way in her athletic journey. From the greatest sprinter for the USA, to the shame of the USA, she […]

Another Athlete Under Attack

Crystal Cox, a very decorated US sprinter, has just admitted to using prohibited performance enhancers from 2001-2004. Her admission has resulted in a 4-year ban and disqualification of all merits during that time period, “all of Cox’s competitive results will be disqualified, including forfeiture of all medals, points, and prizes since November 3, 2001,” USADA […]

Another Bodybuilding Title Taken Away

Liza Reichenberger aka “Herculiza,” 49, and former  2008 WNBF Natural Universe Champion, among many other titles, has had her most recent win stripped. Liza was the overall winner of the recent WNBF Pro U.S. Cup Natural Bodybuilding Championships on October 26 in Sacramento. She came in with an impressive package and was rewarded for it. However, […]

Stating the Obvious…

Below is an older clip of WWE wrestlers Sable and Chyna on a talk show. Chyna, who normally fought male opponents, was asked about the women’s bouts and responded “I have no interest in the women’s bout, it would take me two seconds to get it“. Sable took exception to this and replied “Just cause […]

A Self-Described Steroid User Loses Job as Fitness Model

source nytimes, june 9, 2008 With the camera rolling, Christian Boeving, a fitness model who is paid to endorse bodybuilding With the camera rolling, Christian Boeving, a fitness model who is paid to endorse bodybuilding products, freely admitted he had used steroids since he was 16. That was two years ago, when a friend from […]