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Alexandre Medved Wrestling Tournament 2007 Female Freestyle Wrestling 63kg Final Olga Khilko (Belarus)Red-Anna Belyaeva (Belarus)Blue

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Stating the Obvious…

Below is an older clip of WWE wrestlers Sable and Chyna on a talk show. Chyna, who normally fought male opponents, was asked about the women’s bouts and responded “I have no interest in the women’s bout, it would take me two seconds to get it“. Sable took exception to this and replied “Just cause […]

Erin Toughill Beats Up Husband

Sometimes finding posts are too easy. Circulating the blog-o-sphere this week from mma-fighter to TMZ this beautifully written snippet: “Erin Toughill, a new star for “American Gladiators,” allegedly beat husband Clark Bevans on their honeymoon. Always a bad sign. Bevans, who filed a restraining order against Toughill last week, claims Toughill went “insane” with jealously, […]