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Alexandre Medved Wrestling Tournament 2007 Female Freestyle Wrestling 63kg Final Olga Khilko (Belarus)Red-Anna Belyaeva (Belarus)Blue

The video work from the broadcast network is outstanding, one of the highest quality female wrestling videos that we have shown here.

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Karla Nelson Bodybuilder and Wrestler Video

Karla Nelson has been a part of FemaleMuscle’s family for some time now. She has several videos with pictures and stunts displaying her strength and power. Here are two:

Stating the Obvious…

Below is an older clip of WWE wrestlers Sable and Chyna on a talk show. Chyna, who normally fought male opponents, was asked about the women’s bouts and responded “I have no interest in the women’s bout, it would take me two seconds to get it“.

Sable took exception to this and replied “Just cause we don’t do the same thing you do to get the body you have“, a not so subtle dig at steroid use. Then she went in for the kill with “I work out just as hard as you do, but I do not supplement my body the way you do“.

See for yourself….

The Schmoe Show


Carl Lanore and Aaron Singerman hosted a podcast on their Off topic radio on “schmoes” discussing muscle worship and muscle fetish called “The Schmoe Show”.

They interview “Sister Steel” who says she is a submission/domatrix wrestler. Sister Steel said on the radio show she is 5ft 5″ and typically weighs between 210 – 220 and has huge legs. Later on they interview a man who classifies himself as a former schmoe, and now a fan. The “schmoe” talk starts about 10 minutes into the podcast. Lori Braun was prior interviewed by New York Magazine on the subject.

>>>>> Click here to listen to the podcast< <<<<

Mixed Wrestling

An offseason Amber Deluca wrestles [dominates?] a much smaller man.

Amber’s Stats:
Height: 5′9
Weight: 195 – 205 lbs.
Chest: 45”
Waist: 28”
Hips: 40”
Bicep: 16”
Calf: 18”
Best bench: 285 lbs 8-10 reps
Chin-ups: 15 -18 full range
Incline dumbbell curl: 100 lbs 8 reps

Diana at Mixedfight.de

mixedfight2_phixr.jpg“During my career in track and field I already noticed my skill and speed probably are somewhat above the average. In addition I’m not actually what you would call a small person, since I measure 6′ 3″ body size straight. This is also why I really enjoy kicking some feable guys’ tender little butt once in a while.”
“Fighting is one of my favourite pastimes. I consider rolling around on the mats with an opponent one of the most diverse physical activities there is. It requires lots of skill, endurance and strength. From experience I gathered in fights with men so far I figured that I am pretty tough to beat. That of course sparked my fighting spirit. These pictures illustrate which kind of awkward positions those who take me on can find themselves in rather quickly.”



annie rivieccio wrestling found on flickr

Erin Toughill Beats Up Husband

Sometimes finding posts are too easy. Circulating the blog-o-sphere this week from mma-fighter to TMZ this beautifully written snippet:

“Erin Toughill, a new star for “American Gladiators,” allegedly beat husband Clark Bevans on their honeymoon. Always a bad sign.
Bevans, who filed a restraining order against Toughill last week, claims Toughill went “insane” with jealously, and accused him of being “a pedophile, sociopath and homosexual.” Aside from allegedly beating him on several occasions, Bevans claims Toughill smashed the windshield of his RV. He also says Toughill “bodychecked, hockey style” a trainer at Gold’s Gym he had dated years before.Ironically, both Toughill and Bevans are mixed martial arts fighters. Bevans’ record in the ring is 4-0. His record against Toughill is 0-2.”

HERE is a youtube video promoting this loving couple as they try to become the first MMA wife and husband to win on the same fight card.

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