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Hayley Bertram: Going for a Pro Card in Figure

My name is Hayley Bertram I am from Victoria, Australia, I have been into a wide variety of training types throughout my life. These include everything from Track & Field to Pole Dancing fitness classes, sports modelling and now Competitive Body Building. I have always maintained a healthy and active lifestyle. Having a positive outlook on both life and training I always get the results I set out for. Along with being a personal trainer and manager of a supplement company named Australian sports nutrition I am also a fully qualified plasterer which has influenced my functional strength and physique.

My partner and I also have a business named DHS Bodybuilding which we specialise in physique development, contest preparation, dietary coaching & posing techniques. I began training specifically for competition at the beginning of 2008 and have developed  my physique and knowledge base that has seen me successful ever year so far.


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Angela Salvagno: Teased at 8 years old, then determined.

Angela Salvagno is an American professional female bodybuilder. Born in Willows, CA on January 13, 1976 and raised in Orland, CA, Angela grew up as a skinny, little girl, but was very athletic. She began learning gymnastics when she was 6 and practiced for 3 years. At 8 years old, she got into baseball and played little league for 3 years then went into the majors.

Teased by the other teams when first entering the majors, Angie showed them that while she might be small, she had a lot of power behind her. It was right around this time that she began learning taekwondo.

Angela trained for about 4 years and received a first degree black belt. She was asked to teach martial arts classes at the age of 13 but wasn’t prepared for the responsibility at such a young age.

At 16, Angie was introduced to weight training. Her brother was involved in the activity at the time and after seeing the dramatic changes he had made over the years, she decided to give it a try.

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Larissa Reis: Personal Trainer, Nutrition Consultant, Fitness Model, IFBB Figure Pro

To realize one’s purpose in life is a goal that all successful people aspire to. Though sometimes uncertain, if one follows their heart, positions themselves in a positive environment, and surrounds themselves with good people, the end result will no doubt be a happy and rewarding life.

I was born in the Brazilian capital city of Brasilia. I am the only child of two very loving, but strict and demanding, parents who deserve all the credit for helping me to become the women that I am today. From the very beginning a love of sports, competition, and the fitness lifestyle, was a passion of mine. It’s a passion that continues to burn in me to this day.

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(Warning: Fall in Love at your own REIS!)

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Lori and Arnold: FemaleMuscle.com coverage of the Arnold Sports Festival 2011

Hi!!! Well one of the biggest weekends in the sports and fitness arena is upon us: Arnold Sports Festival 2011.  Here at FemaleMuscle.com we’ve been covering this event since the 1990’s and this year is no different.  Throughout the weekend, we’ll be giving live coverage with exclusive photo’s from our FemaleMuscle.com photographer, who has all the credentials to get some amazing pictures on stage and backstage.

Please stay tuned this weekend(and in the coming weeks as we post thousands of pictures) for a very special look at what has turned out to be the largest sporting event in the United States and one of the largest sporting events in the world!  -Lori Victoria Braun, Owner of FemaleMuscle.com

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Every sport has a goal. Some are based on achieving the most (or least) points, others the fastest time. Whether it’s point, speed or performance based, every sport is a competition to beat an opponent by reaching an ultimate goal.
Bodybuilding is very different to most other sports but still has a goal. To build your body with muscle beyond the average physique and compete against others. The winner has built the biggest and best physique, but it’s subjective since it’s determined by a panel of judges rather than a clearly defined best score or speed.

So why would a sport that is based on building the most muscle possible hinder it’s competitors by restricting the amount of muscle they can add. It’s like telling Formula 1 racers they can’t go over 100mph. That’s what has been happening with Women’s Bodybuilding over the last 20 years even though those restrictions don’t apply to the men.

Now they’re trying to phase it out completely. Is it because the women are too big or don’t fit into their ideal of femininity? What again is the goal of the sport?

I’m a fan of bikini & wet t-shirt contests, but wouldn’t call it a sport. To try and dilute female bodybuilding by forcing it to become that for monetary gain seems like an evolutionary step backwards in a sport with a fine tradition of champions and athletes. Back to racing for an example. NASCAR has grown insanely popular and profitable but the cars aren’t as powerful as Formula 1. Would you get rid of the Indy 500 because it didn’t make as much money? There’s room for all levels of Female Bodybuilding – Bikini, Figure, Fitness and Muscle. Just don’t remove the top prize.

Maybe the entire system needs to change. A sport based on subjectivity can be interpreted by whomever sits in control. I think fans and promoters of the sport should work to ensure that Female Bodybuilding has a long and enduring future.

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Larissa Reis wins Atlantic Figure

Brazilian Larissa Reis won the open figure division of the 2009 Atlantic City Pro, with Sherlyn Roy and Alicia Harris rounding out the top 3 and all gaining Olympia qualifications.

larissa reis
Image of Larissa Reis via MD

There was also a masters pro figure division, and veteran Shannon Meteraud won (as well as placed 4th in the open figure) with Tivisay Briceno and Melissa Frabbiele rounding out the top 3 of the masters.

ShemuscleRaw models Mascha Tieken, Shannon Meteraud and Marcy Porter all competed.

For results of other divisions of the 2009 Atlantic City Pro, click here for bodybuilding, and click here for fitness

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All Things Are Possible…

Figure competitor Megan Johnson is truly inspirational. She owns two gyms, and has four kids – a 7 year old son and a set of 6 year old triplets. Her husband, Trooper Johnson is wheelchair bound following a car accident at age 17.

Curves_Megan Johnson and Kids

The former high school P.E. teacher says “I love my children and I love owning a gym, but it’s hard to find the time for both. I have to, though, because I like being an owner who’s here. I like to be very involved.“. She focuses on quick and intense workouts to maximize time.

Curves Megan Johnson (l) and Friend Bronwen1
Megan on the left, images via Curves.com

She’s Back – Cristiana Casoni

Italian figure competitor Cristiana Casoni will be back onstage soon after a long hiatus. She plans to compete at the 2009 IFBB Atlantic City Pro to be held this weekend.

christina casioni

A veteran competitor, she started out as a fitness competitor in the 1990’s, later making a switch to figure. At 5ft 4″ and 136 lbs, Cristiana was always known for her glutes. Her last contest was the 2005 IFBB Toronto Pro where she placed 5th.

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