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Ms Olympia…is Expecting

A baby….

Reigning Olympia figure champion Jennifer Gates will not defend her title in 2009 – due to being pregnant with her third child.

jennifer gates

With another top ranked figure competitor – 2009 Arnold Classic Figure Champ Zivile Raudoniene also sitting out the 2009 Olympia, this leaves an even bigger opening for a new champ.

From Flexonline:

Reigning Figure Olympia champion Jenn Gates has had to withdraw from the competition after discovering she is pregnant with her third child. Jenn was already well into her contest preparation when she discovered the magnificent news. We look forward to Jenn’s return to the competitive stage in the future, including another run at winning the Figure Olympia title, and wish her and her family the best during this blessed time.

2009 Houston Pro Results

The 2009 Houston Pro Figure was held this past weekend on August 29 and offered $6,000 prize money. In a non-surprising victory that I must obnoxiously mention that I predicted , Heather Mae French her second ever pro show after winning the 2009 California in May.

heather mae french ifbb pro houston

Image via MD, click here for their gallery of this event, or click here for our gallery of Heather at the 2009 Arnold

Full Results:

1. Heather Mae French
2. Erin Stern
3. Meriza DeGuzman
4. Krissy Chin
5. Katina Maisterllis
6. Tivisay Briceno
7. Nicole Pitcher-Scott
8. Rosa-Maria Romero
9. Petra Mertl
10. Michelle Craven
11. Hazal Nelson
12. Sherlyn Roy
13. Christina Vargas
14. Candice Houston
15. Laura Sutter
16. Sabrina Gibson
17. Jacqui Jarrett
18. Karen Mullarkey
19. Allison Jones-Williams
19. Denise Starling-Steele
19. Susanne Bock

Ava Cowan Joins Team Gaspari

In the world of male dominated sponsorship contracts, it’s always good to see a female physique competitor be picked up by a company. Ava Cowan, a NPC figure athlete who previously won the 2007 Figure America Overall and 2009 Figure Universe Overall Championships, has been signed by one of the largest supplement companies; Gaspari Nutrition.


The press release:

Ava Cowan, one of the most recognizable and inspirational personas in figure today, is now an official member of Team Gaspari. With stunning beauty and perfect lines, the shapely Pompano Beach brunette will return to the NPC in September 2009.

“The Gaspari team has been aware of Ava for quite some time and that she was a fan of our products” notes Rich. “Her strong following, great personality and willingness to get out and meet the people will be of great value to Gaspari Nutrition. As a true natural figure champion and certified personal trainer, she truly lives the lifestyle and understands how to motivate people, not to mention that her look epitomizes what Gaspari stands for. We couldn’t be happier to have her as a member of Team Gaspari.”

As she sets her sites on the 2009 NPC Team Universe, Ava is thrilled to have access to the world’s most respected supplement line and the full support of Gaspari Nutrition. Rest assured they’ll be no stopping Ava in her quest to grace the biggest stages in all of figure for 2009 and beyond. Look for her training series to launch on GASPARI TV this Fall.

Ava is committed to the NPC, the best organization in bodybuilding and fitness. We wish her continued success as she focuses her career on the NPC in hopes of earning her IFBB Pro card

Click through to watch a video of Ava winning the 2009 Figure Universe Overall Continue Reading…

Houston Pro Lineup

The 2009 Houston Pro Figure will be held next weekend on August 29 and offers $6,000 prize money.

The expected list of competitors is below, and so far I would guess at Heather Mae French to win, or possibly Krissy Chin to achieve her first pro win, coming off the back of her 2nd place finish at last week’s Europa Pro.


2009 Canadian Nationals: New Pros

The CBBF Canadian National Fitness, Figure & Bikini Championships was held on August 15 and produced a variety of new pros of all divisions.

The new figure pros are Aleisha Hart, Kim Tilden and Ginette Delhaes – pictured below.


Veteran fitness competitor Sylvia Tremblay, the 2009 Arnold Amateur fitness Champion, won a well deserved pro card in fitness.

Leigh Lingham became Canada’s first bikini IFBB pro.

Image above via and copyright of Twixpix, click here for their gallery of this event.

2009 Europa Pro Results

As I predicted after prejudging, Jenny Lynn returned to winning form taking the 2009 Europa Figure Title and Adela Garcia won the fitness – a win that surprised few.

1. Adela Garcia
2. Myriam Capes
3. Nicole Duncan
4. Bethany Wagner
5. Laticia Jackson
6. Kristina Rojas
7. Michele Mayberry
8. Stephanie Irick
9. Nita Marquez
10. Siene Silva
11. Amanda Marinelli
12. LeslieRae Newton
13. Jo Marriner
14. Maggie Blanchard
Mandy Polk did not finish.

1. Jenny Lynn
2. Krissy Chin
3. Meriza DeGuzman
4. Alicia Harris
5. Siobhan Tewari
6. Amy O’Neil
7. Katina Maistrelles
8. Michelle Craven
9. Tivisay Briceno
10. Consuelo Rojas Figueroa
11. DJ Wallis
12. Alicia Marie
13. Sue Upson
14. Rosalind Vanderpool
15. Tonya Burkhardt
16. Cynthia Sharp
17. Jacqui Jarrett

Figure winner Jenny Lynn:

jenny lynn europa 2009

Image via MD, click here for their gallery of this event

Europa Prejudging

Prejudging at the 2009 IFBB Europa Pro is over, with finals to be held tomorrow.

Figure first callout was Krissy Chin, Meriza DeGuzman, Alicia Harris, Jenny Lynn….with my prediction being Jenny Lynn to return to winning form.

Fitness first callout was Myriam Capes, Nicole Duncan, Adela Garcia, Bethany Wagner….with my prediction being Adela [pictured below] to win.

adele europa
Image via MD, click here for their gallery of this event

2009 Europa Lineup

The 2009 Europa Super Show will be held this coming weekend. The final list of competitors is below:

Maggie Blanchard
Myriam Capes
Nicole Duncan
Adela Garcia
Stefanie Irick
Laticia Jackson
Amanda Marinelli
Nita Marquez
Jo Marriner
Michele Mayberry
Leslie Rae Newton
Mandy Polk
Kristina Rojas
Siene Silva
Bethany Wagner

Tivisay Briceno
Tonya Burkhardt
Krissy Chin
Michelle Craven
Meriza DeGuzman
Consuelo Rojas Figueroa
Alicia Harris
Jacqui Jarrett
Jenny Lynn
Katina Maistrelles
Alicia Marie
Amy O’Neil
Cynthia Sharp
Siobhan Tewari
Sue Upson
Rosalind Vanterpool
DJ Wallis

Tampa Crossovers

The mild trend of figure competitors switching to female bodybuilding was highlighted at the recent Tampa Pro Show.

South African Nicole Acker, formerly a figure competitor, appeared onstage as a female bodybuilder, alongside British ex-figure competitor Carmen Knights.

Carmen placed 9th:

carmen knight 2009 tampa

Nicole placed 14th:

nicole acker tampa 2009

Images via MD

ShemuscleRaw Double Shoot

26 year old identical twins, Shelly and Betsy Albetta stopped in for a workout and a photo shoot with Brian Moss of shemuscleraw.com. The twins, known across various forums as ‘NPCFigureTwins’ are New Jersey residents and NPC figure competitors.

Shelly is on the left and Betsy is on the right

albetta twins

Click here to check out a prior post with contest photos of the twins

2009 Jacksonville Pro Results

Jessica Putnam won the 2009 IFBB Jacksonville Pro which was held this past weekend. Promoted by the reigning Mr Olympia Dexter Jackson, the event also included an NPC event and a men’s pro under 202lbs event. Jessica’s husband Peter, also a pro, placed 6th in the men’s pro show.

jessica putnam
1. Jessica Putnam
2. Erin Stern
3. Jenny Lynn
4. Krissy Chin
5. Siobhan Tewari
6. Tinamarie Bloomfield
7. Alicia Harris
8. Tivisay Briceno
9. Marcy Porter
10. Petra Mertl
11. Sue Upson
12. Julie (D.J.) Wallis
13. Amanda Marinelli
14. Melody Clere
15. Alana Hernandez
15. Karen Mullarkey
16. Amy Stephens
17. Tessa Wood
18. Michelle Theison
18. Sabrina Gibson
18. Starling Steele
18. Sandra Simons
18. Jacqui Jarrett
18. MJ Fox

Image via MD, click here for their gallery of the event….

2009 IFBB Jacksonville Pro Prejudging

The prejudging is now over of the 2009 IFBB Jacksonville Pro, with finals scheduled to be held tomorrow. Pictured below is the lineup of the first callout with Sue Upson, Erin Stern, Petra Mertl and the anticipated ‘top guns’ Jenny Lynn and Jessica Putnam,

Click to enlarge photos:

jacksoville figure pro

jacksoville figure pro 2
Photos via Rxmuscle.com

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