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Exclusive Karla Nelsen Bodybuilding Gallery

Karla Nelsen was an amazing bodybuilder with full, hard muscles! She continues to be a fan favorite throughout the years, and she will always be one of ours.

FemaleMuscle wanted to share the exclusive, precious pictures from our vault with you! Enjoy!

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Female Grappler’s Wrestling Athena vs. Janice

This is a great match.

Melissa Coates on TalkLive NOW!

Melissa Coates: Hot sexy erotic female muscle talk with a long time Strong and Beautiful Female Bodybuilder/WWE Wrestler – “Sometimes it’s more determination than perspiration”
“Im here to kick ass and break hearts”
“They call me the CoatesWrack. You wanna know why they call me the Coateswrack? Cuz I got the type of body designed to inflict maximum damage in the ring but still look banging in a bikini”

To Talk to Melissa LIVE! Call 800-222-3539 Ext. 625

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Mabel Fonsoca pins Isabelle Sambou 2003

Lori Braun has covered world class wrestling contests from 2001 through today. She took wrestling lessions herself at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, and many a man and woman claims she has a wicked headlock. Lori has asked us to bring back some recent vintage photographs from the World Wrestling Championships at Madison Square Garden that Lori personally covered in 2003. We will be posting more galleries from the 00′s in the next few days.

Mabel Fonsoca, PUR, pins Isabelle Sambou, SEN, 2:27

Alaina Berube: Another Highlight On Her Wrestling Resume

After coming in mid-season  as an interim coach, Alaina Berube has been named as the new head coach of the highly successful University of the Cumberlands Women’s wrestling team. This is special for the University and Alaina because it is where she graduated from in 2007 with a Public Health and Exercise & Sports Science Major.

Cumberlands Athletic Director Randy Vernon said, “Alaina has a good understanding of what is expected of the head wrestling coach, having preformed as a member of our team during her undergraduate years at University of the Cumberlands and later as an assistant coach on our staff. She has strong leadership qualities and the knowledge and ability to help our student-athletes reach their maximum potential. I am very pleased to have here on our staff.”

Alaina is the second women in history to be named head coach of a college wrestling program

Alaina’s Wrestling Accomplishments
2008: Third in U.S. Olympic Team Trials
2007: Third in U.S. World Team Trials; Pan American Championships gold medalist; Third in U.S. Nationals;
2006: New York AC Holiday International Open champion; Sunkist Kids/ASU International Open champion; Second in U.S. World Team Trials; Third in U.S. Nationals; Dave Schultz Memorial Open champion; Women’s College Individual Nationals champion
2005: Henri Deglane Challenge champion; Second in NYAC Holiday Championships; Second in Sunkist Kids/ASU International; Second in U.S. World Team Trials; U.S. Nationals champion; Tenth in Trophe Milone (Italy); Dave Schultz Memorial International champion
2004: New York AC Christmas International champion; McMaster Invitational champion (Canada); Second in Sunkist Kids International Open; Fourth in World Cup; Second in U.S. Olympic Team Trials; Fourth in U.S. Nationals; Pan American Championships champion
2003: Sunkist Kids International Open; Sixth in U.S. World Team Trials; Fourth in U.S. Nationals; Second in Western Open; Can Am Freestyle champion
2002: Second in New York AC Christmas International; Sixth in Sunkist Kids International Open; Minnesota Morris Women’s Open champion; Brock Invitational champion (Canada); Hoover/Geller Open champion

the new head coach of the highly successful University of the Cumberlands (UC) Women’s wrestling team.

Denise Rutkowski Gallery and Video

Looking back at the nearly forgotten women who have made the industry so great has been a wonderful project! Denise Rutkowski has been no exception! Something else interesting about Denise is she was often known to bounce between two wigs, one blond and one black, either way she is amazing!!

Watch Lori Whoop Some Butt

Lori shows us all what happens when she is challenged by anyone – in business as well as in life. It might just be better to concede at the start, but where’s the fun in that? High above Manhattan in the common room of an upscale apartment, Lori wrestles a tough guy from the Middle East. Not scripted, all real, you will be surprised for sure. Did you know Lori studied wrestling at Gleason’s gym, Brooklyn?

Changing the Size of Sumo

Clare Lutton, 24-years-old, and Caitlin Szanto, 19-years-old, are competitive sumo wrestlers which isn’t too big of a deal until you see them. They are changing the way people think about sumo wrestlers, and they will be the only women from Sydney competing in the national sumo championships on the Gold Coast this month.

”There’s a lack of awareness about how the sport has evolved into the different weight categories for women, which means you don’t have to be huge to compete,” Clare said.

Sumo wrestling has been slow to appeal to women and it is understandable considering it was plagued by the stereotype of obese men wearing nappies and really what woman wants to be associated with that? However, many of the women who are competitive do easily slide in with the all you can eat look. Clare and Caitlin are working around that and are starting to use their speed and skill to counter others brute.

”When I competed in opens I had women literally pick me up and chuck me out of the ring in a matter of seconds,” Caitlin said. ”To beat someone physically bigger than you requires skill because you have to get underneath your competitor and get them off balance.”

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder AURÉLIA GROZAJOVÁ

Aurelia Grozajova, 39-years-old, is an amazing, muscular Slovakian IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, a quality we love at FemaleMuscle. She has quite the resume of USA shows as well as international. Something interesting about Aurelia is that she is loves historical fencing.

Height: 5’8″ ft
Off-season weight: 163 lbs
Competition weight: 149 lbs
Chest: 48 in
Quadriceps: 26 in
Calves: 16 in
Arms: 16 in
Squat: 260 lb
Bench: 240 lb
Dead lift: 350 lbs


• IFBB Atlantic City PRO 2009 – 16th
• IFBB Tampa PRO 2009 – 13th
• IFBB Atlantic City PRO 2008 – 16th
• IFBB Europa Super Show 2008 – 6th
• IFBB Tampa Pro Show 2008 – 16th
• IFBB New York Pro 2008 – 17th
• IFBB Atlantic City PRO 2007 – 16th
• IFBB Europa Super Show, Arlington 2007 – 10th
• IFBB Sacramento PRO 2007 – 8th
• IFBB Europa Super Show, Arlington 2006 – 17th
• IFBB Atlantic City PRO 2006 – 16th
• IFBB Bulk Nutrition Charlotte PRO 2005 – 4th

International contests:

• IFBB World Championship 2005, Spain – 3rd in heavy weight
• World Games 2005, Duisburg – 2nd in heavy weight
• IFBB World Championship 2004, Spain – 2nd in heavy weight
• IFBB European Championship 2004, Tavira – 1st in heavy weight
• IFBB World Championship 2003, Spain – 2nd in heavy weight
• IFBB European Championship 2003, Izmir – 2nd in heavy weight
• IFBB World Championship 2002, Brno – 6th in heavy weight
• IFBB European Mixed Pairs Championship 2002, Minsk – 4th
• IFBB European Championship 2002, Budapest – 4th in heavy weight
• IFBB European Championship 2001, Kiev – 3rd in heavy weight

2010 USA Wrestling World Team Trials Gallery

The 2010 USA Wrestling World Team Trials took place in Council Bluffs, Iowa this year. FemaleMuscle wanted to bring you a gallery of the Women’s Freestyle Finals caught on film by John Sachs and Tony Rotundo. The pictures are amazing, but then again, they are of some of the best women wrestlers in the nation!

Matches follow gallery order:

  1. 55kg Tatiana Padilla (Sunkist Kids) vs Helen Maroulis (NYAC)
  2. 48kg Alyssa Lampe (Sunkist Kids) vs Clarissa Chun (Sunkist Kids)
  3. 55kg Tatiana Padilla (Sunkist Kids) vs Helen Maroulis (NYAC) 
  4. 63kg Elena Pirozhkova (Gator WC) vs Veronica Carlson (NYAC)

Transgender Activist Donna Rose competes in the U.S. Open Wrestling Championships

Donna Rose, while 51-years-old, has only been a women for 10-years. For the first 40-years of her life she was Dave, a successful business and family man, but she was living a lie. In her youth, she was a good wrestler and football player. Some 25-years after her last match she returned to the mat. It was a tough journey. A lot had changed, with her and the wrestling world.

She began training again and entered the U.S. Open Women’s Freestyle Wrestling Championship. It didn’t take long after she showed up for the whispers to turn to internet searches. The committee was forced to hold an impromptu meeting to decide rather she would be allowed to compete. They came back in agreement. Donna would wrestle and make history. The only match she won was the first, but she won a bigger battle with herself.

“When I won that match,” Donna said, “it was a sense of euphoria, relief and accomplishment unlike anything else that I have ever experienced. It made it all worthwhile. And because I did it as Donna, it was the most honest I have ever been on the mat. I didn’t need to be the best. I didn’t need to be #1. My biggest opponent going into this match wasn’t Iris Smith, it wasn’t the people sitting there at the scoring tables. My biggest opponent was my heart, and between my ears, and those are opponents I know I can vanquish.”

Catherine Roberge Taking It To The Mat

Catherine Roberge, 28-years-old, from Quebec City won bronze in the women’s 78-kilogram event at a recent judo World Cup event. She went the full five minute round and ended up defeating Yalennis Castillo (Cuba) in the battle for the bronze-medal.

Full name: Catherine Roberge
Gender: Female
Height: 5’8″ (173 cm)
Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg)
Born: February 8, 1982 in Charlesbourg, Québec, Canada
Affiliations: Club de Judo Shikodan, Montréal
Country: CAN Canada
Sport: Judo

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