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Bulletin: Arnold Resigns from Arnold Classic

As reported by the Associated Press: “Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has cut his business ties with the “Arnold Classic,” the annual bodybuilding competition in Ohio that bears his name, his spokeswoman said Saturday. But money from nutritional supplement companies apparently continues to flow to the governor, although less directly. The move comes as the governor relinquishes […]

2005 FAME Fitness and Model Expo

Free Photo Gallery – 300+ images The FAME Fitness and Model Expo 2005 – From Toronto Canada. We sent photographer Kerry Shaw to this great event and she came back with over 300 beautiful photos, and a ton of great video footage of interviews, competition coverage, behind-the-scenes action and more. Stay tuned for video footage […]

Arnold Classic 2005 WINNERS!

LISTEN to Lori’s on the scene report of the women’s results from the Arnold Classic 2005. An exclusive BraunTV audio blog. BULLETIN: Click Here for women’s bodybuilding, fitness, and figure winners.

Olympia Video 2

Lauren Powers hosts in this video journal from the 2004 Olympia Expo in Las Vegas. Lauren has personal relationships with most of the top competitors and the trust they share shows through in their candid responses. Not to mention their flexing and posing! Featuring Monica Brant, Betty Pariso, Joanna Thomas, Helle Neilsen, Angie Semsch, Samantha […]