Tammy Patnode Female Bodybuilder

Tammy Patnode Female Bodybuilder
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Tammy Patnode is a new IFBB Pro with a mature physique that won her the lightweight division at the IFBB North Americans. Tammy is a hairdresser in New York and has owned her own salon since 1995. She will be making her pro debut at the Europa Battle of Champions this July in Hartford, Connecticut. Before making the switch to the NPC in 2006, she competed in the NGA, USBF and INBF. It was a good decision with the ultimate reward: IFBB Pro status.

  • 2006: NPC Jr. National Championships – 3rd Lightweight
  • 2007: NPC Jr. USA Championships – Overall Winner
  • 2007: NPC National Championships – 3rd Lightweight
  • 2008: NPC National Championships – 2nd Lightweight
  • 2009: IFBB North American Championships – 1st Lightweight and Masters Lightweight (Earned IFBB Pro Card)

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  1. James Peter  December 8, 2010 at 2:10 am

    In that bikini, Tammy looks like the female ‘beach bully’ I always dreamed of meeting, kicking sand in my face (please!) and other things too. You go girl!


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