Marina Lopez: Jr. Nationals Bodybuilding Champ

Marina Lopez: Jr. Nationals Bodybuilding Champ
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The 2010 Junior Nationals found its queen. Marina Lopez walked away with the title. She looked amazing! It is not too often that a lightweight runs away with the win, but with a physique like hers, there was only one option, crown her with the overall!

Women’s Bodybuilding Overall
Marina Lopez
1. Jannifer Scarpetta
2. Sateash Berge
3. Yvonne Edmunds
Light Heavyweight
1. Sara Mathison
2. Amanda Micka
3. Laurey Heinrich
4. Jennifer Palazzo
5. Susan Haiges
6. Carrie Walend
7. Jennifer Harris
1. Jessica Simonet
2. Gail Auerbach
3. Michelle DeVere
4. Robin Gizzi
1. Marina Lopez
2. Amber Clemons
3. Amy Schmelling
4. Natalie Barnett
5. Hillary Williams

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