Antoinette “Tonie” Thompson, IFBB Pro and Superhero

Antoinette “Tonie” Thompson, IFBB Pro and Superhero
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Antoinette “Tonie” Thompson, 40-years-old, may be one of the smaller bodybuilders in the IFBB at 5’3″, but her life is huge with accomplishments, endeavors and success. Taking the stage by storm is only a fraction of what makes Tonie so special. There is so very little information about her, but being a personal friend of Lori’s, Female Muscle was fortunate enough to catch up with Tonie and get an exclusive look into who she is outside of the gym.

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On the road to her masters, Tonie has racked up quite a resume. She was the first black female on the Oklahoma City Fire Dept in 1991 and was promoted to Corporal in 1993, to Sergeant in 1995 and then Lieutenant in 1996.  In 1998, she attended paramedic school and achieved paramedic status in 1999 when she was also promoted to Major. In a career shift into nursing, she began as a floor nurse in Urology and has moved to working in Peritoneal and Hemodialysis, and the ICU and she still has time to take nursing shifts in the Emergency Room. It is just amazing that she still has the time and energy to be a top competitor in the IFBB. Our hats are off to Tonie.

Magazine Appearances:

  • Today’s Black Woman
  • Flex
  • MuscleMag
  • Ironman
  • Women’s Physique World

TV/Video & Appearances:

  • Jenny Jones 1998, 2001, and 2002 as a counselor for youth girls on the show
  • Ricki Lake as an advocate for natural bodybuilding
  • Women’s Physique World 1999 (Video)
  • Fox News (North Carolina) September 29, 2005 Charlotte Pro Show promotion
  • Philly Fit Seminar 2006 special guest appearance


2010 Arnold Classic (Place: 11)
2010 Phoenix Pro (Place: 7)
2009 IFBB New York Pro (Place: 10)
2008 Arnold Classic (Place: 13)
2007 Olympia (Place: 15)
2007 Arnold Classic (Place: 9)
2007 Sacramento Men and Women’s Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix (Place: 1)
2006 Atlantic City Pro (Place: 6)
2006 Europa IFBB Super Show (Place: 11)
2006 Arnold Classic (Place: 10)
2005 Olympia Weekend (Place: 10)
2005 Charlotte Pro Lightweight (Place: 1)
2005 Europa IFBB Super Show Lightweight (Place: 2)
2004 Night of Champions Lightweight (Place: 3)
2002 Team Universe Lightweight (Place: 1 & overall; received pro card)
2001 Team Universe Middleweight (Place: 2)
2001 Jr. Nationals Middleweight (Place: 3)
2000 Jr. Nationals Middleweight (Place: 3)
2000 Jr. USA’s Middleweight (Place: 3)
1999 Jr. Nationals Middleweight (Place: 2)
1999 Southwest Texas (Place: 1 & Overall)
1998 North America (top ten finish)
1997 Nationals (top ten finish)
1996 Red River (Place: 1 & overall)
1996 Oklahoma (Place: 1 novice & overall)

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  1. John MacWalters  April 20, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    I think Antoinette Thompson is very attractive and a great accomplish female body builder over all. I would love to meet her in person, she is very attractive and if had a chance to go out with her, i would not hesitate to do so.


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