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Fantasy Muscle: Muscle Morphs

Fantasy Muscle: Muscle Morphs

Here are a few samples of digitally enhanced muscle women and female bodybuilders from Area Orion.

Strong never looked so sexy.

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Fantasy Muscle Morphs

Here are enhanced classic Female Bodybuilders Bev Francis and Sue Price, along with other morphed muscular beauties.

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March Morphs – Massive Pumps

It’s morphin’ time again, and our good friend Area Orion has sent us some more of his mind-blowing work. How amazing would it be to run into one of these incredibly pumped, clothes shredding beauties? You’d be so dumbstruck, you’d probably drool on yourself.  Trust me guys, drool is not very becoming.

Imagine being at the gym curling your little heart out, when one of these women grab 20 lbs more than your max and begin to warm up. You step back from the mirror just far enough to watch her lifting in full view. Your heart is racing. Your mind is too, as you play out all the fantasies that pop into your head. You wonder just how heavy she can go.  It’s obviously a whole hell of a lot more than you can.

You try to jump up the weights a few pounds, you’ve never been this high before. You struggle to move it out of the hole, it moves and the momentum takes it up as you swing with all your might. That’s one. Can you get two?

As you struggle to get the weight out of the whole, a shadow appears in front of you and a sweet voice asks, “do you need a little help with that?”

Your heart skips as beat as you look up from the floor. There she is standing right in front of you with a coy little smirk on her face. “I saw you watching me in the mirror,” she says. ” Those are pretty big weights for a little guy like you.  Maybe you should try something more manageable and leave the big weights to me.”

She winks and walks away.  Your heart sinks and cheeks flush as you swallow your pride. BUSTED!

Check out the gallery to find your fantasy woman!

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Fantasy Muscle: Muscle Morphs

It doesn’t get much hotter than women with muscle. Here are a few female muscle morphs by Area Orion to warm up your winter. See more at

More about Area Orion: Never heard of it? Not many people have and they like to keep it that way. Top Secret, Hush Hush kind of stuff and I’m constantly amazed at what I find.

I was surprised that some images I had on a flash drive were morphed into massive, gorgeous women I’ve only dreamed about. This blog is intended to showcase those images and document my life and times at Area Orion.

February Morphs – Armed and Dangerous

It’s that time again. Area Orion has shared a few of his morphs to raise the fantasy bar one more notch. I know that many of you love sexy muscular calve and legs, tight muscular butts, or even thick rippling pecs. But there’s no truer sign of physical strength, superiority and dominance than a huge set of biceps.

To prove my point, here’s a theoretical situation. You’re walking through the store, through the mall, or down the street and you see a very fit, muscular woman. What caught your eye? More than likely it was her arms and their thickness as they stretched the fabric of her shirt. You gather up the courage and try to catch up to her for a closer look. Mesmerizing isn’t she? You gather the courage and politely say something like, “Nice physique, how long have you been lifting?”

She of course is flattered that you noticed, (as long as you’re not creepy about it) and the VERY next thing you do, is reach out to touch her what……? (Theme from Jeopardy playing)……. That’s right… HER BICEPS!!!! Ding Ding Ding Ding… You win a prize. Now first let me offer a bit of advice. Women are flattered when you notice and you compliment them. But please, please, please… ask before you touch. You have no idea how far away her bodybuilding boyfriend is and if she is anything like today’s morphed gallery, your ass is grass.

So check out Area Orion’s work and please show him some support by visiting his site:

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January Morphs, Physiques That Dreams are Made Of

You have this recurring dream every night. The faces may change, but the theme is always the same. You dream of a world where the women are physically superior. They are much bigger and much stronger than you, and have complete and total control.  You toss and turn in your sleep, you wake up in a cold sweat with your heart racing, but you can’t wait to go back to sleep to finish the dream.

Thanks to Area Orion for his ongoing contributions that make your dreams seem even more real. He brings to life a land where women’s physique totally exceed what is humanly possible for man or woman. Yet you can’t help but think how amazing it would be for the girl next door to sport 24 inch biceps, 30 inch quads, and 20 inch ripped, vascular calves. Many of you would call that heaven on earth, but a few of you might just call it pure hell. Hell, because you’d be so overwhelmed with your deepest, darkest desires and not know where to begin to satisfy them.

So check out Area Orion’s gallery, and enjoy the tease.

Oh and “pleasant dreams little man!”




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December Morphs

What if……

The girl next door had 23 inch arms?
Your secretary had 20 inch calves?
Your girlfriend had 32 inch quads?
Your personal trainer had 54 inch shoulders?

What if…. is right! Kind of makes you think how much better life would be if you didn’t have to fantasize about female muscle that massive. Sorry, I don’t mean to tease or tantalize you….. much. But I do want to stimulate your thoughts, your dreams, and every other sensation that you can possibly experience.

Thanks to Area Orion once again, for sharing more of his morphs. With the thought you’re having now,  I’m sure the majority of you just ended up on Santa’s Naughty List.




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November Morphs

Don’t you just wish the girl next door was built like this? I’m sure a lot of you do, that innocent come-hither look, those dreamy eyes, wondering about the scent of her hair? Then she reveals her true self to you and you’re completely lost in all the glorious female muscle.

Thanks to Area Orion who once again let’s us live a little of that fantasy, as he shares his thought provoking and very stimulating artwork. Be sure to visit his site and check out all his work, it will keep you up tossing and turning at night. But hey, isn’t that what female muscle is supposed to do?





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