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Natalie Pennington Looking to Drill the Competition

Natalie Pennington, 31-years-old, is more than a pretty face, good teeth and IFBB bikini competitor. She is a full time dentist. Raised in Korea by her mom she didn’t grow up playing sports. She spent her youth learning the violin and piano.

“That’s the Asian side. That’s mom taking control,” Natalie said, referring to her years of violin and piano instructions. “It wasn’t by choice, but I appreciate it now.”

Natalie spoke in an interview about balancing her profession with her bikini career.

“My biggest challenge is that some days, I deal with patient management issues, yet in the back of my mind, I know I can’t go home and relax with a glass of wine. You know you have to go to the gym after work. Most girls [I compete with] do not have the stress of the job that I do.”

Natalie hope to one day open a spa/dental practice to unite her two world and offer the dental said the comfort and health awarness the comes with a spa atmosphere. But, until then she will continue to take the IFBB by storm. She won her first national show, turning pro and looks to continue her win streak.

Christine Envall Gallery

Christine Envall, everything an IFBB Bodybuilding Pro should be…muscular, ripped and developed!

STAR SIGN: Sagittarius
MARITAL STATUS: Happily married to Troy for nearly 10 years
OCCUPATION: Professional athlete & Technical Product Manager for International Health Investments
QUALIFICATIONS: B. Sc. (Hons) Food Science & Technology
SPONSORS: International Protein
TRAINS AT: Empire Fitness Centre
MOTTO: If it were easy, everyone would be a World Champion!
FAVOURITE MALE BODYBUILDER: Lee Priest (I have a picture of him on my fridge for inspiration!)
FAVOURITE DIET FOOD: Oats cooked and mixed with International Protein “Protein Synergy 5″ in Chocolate Truffle flavour (sorry coffee, just don’t compare!)
FAVOURITE ‘JUNK’ FOOD: Ice-cream; any flavour but love Cookies ‘n Cream and Praline’s n Cream or anything flavoured with coffee. Baskin & Robbins is presently my favourite brand.
FAVOURITE EXERCISE: Pullovers at the moment.
SHORT TERM GOAL: To entertain with my physique when I compete.

53 Amazing Photos of Christine Envall Below

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Linda Wood-Hoyte the Real Deal

Linda Wood-Hoyte, 67-years-old, is so dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding, health and fitness that she has spent the last 27-years participating in bodybuilding at some level. Linda didn’t start bodybuilding until she was 39-years-old, but she never looked back!

“To me [bodybuilding] is the most exacting, fascinating, demanding, selfish, disciplined sport I know of and I love it!!”

When Linda began her journey in bodybuilding, she already had 13-years in her professional management career in corporate America which over the past 40-years, includes working for five Fortune 500 companies. She currently serves as a National (NPC), Professional (IFBB) and International judge as well as having been a US delegate and judge to the World Universe Championships. Linda was granted Pro Status as an IFBB Bodybuilder May 2004.


IFBB- Night of Champions 2004 IFBB Pro Status Announced
IFBB- World Universe Championship 2003 USA Judge/Delegate
IFBB- World Universe Championship 2002 USA Judge/Delegate
IFBB – Judge, Olympia, Men, Women and Fitness 2002 Judge
IFBB – Judge, Night of Champions, and the Jan Tana Classic 2002 Judge
IFBB World Juniors & Master Championship-Czech Republic 2000 6th place HW
IFBB World Universe Championship- Warsaw Poland 2000 USA Judge Delegate
NPC Team Universe, NYC 1998 3rd HW
NPC Nationals 1997 6th MW
World Juniors & Masters Championship, Katowice, Poland 1996 2nd
2nd Women’s Physique Video 1996 Video IFBB – North American Championship, Quebec, Canada 1996 5th
NPC – Team Universe Championship 1996 4th
IFBB – World Universe Championship, Brugge, Belgium 1995 10th
Heavyweight Fierless Productions -Evolution “F” 1995 Exhibition
NPC – Team Universe Championship 1995 1st HW
IFBB – World Universe Championship, Borlange, Sweden 1994 5th
Heavyweight NPC – Team Universe Championship 1994 1st
Heavyweight IFBB – World Juniors & Masters Championship, Torrevieja, Spain 1993 2nd Place
Open Fierless Productions, “The Most Awesome Women” 1993 Exhibition
IFBB – North America Championship 1992 6th HW
NPC – Women’s Extravaganza 1991 Guest Poser
NPC Nationals 1991 Top 10
IFBB North American Championship 1991 Top 15
IFBB Japanese World Games, Tokyo, Japan 1990 4th
Heavyweight IFBB – The Arnold Classic – Ms. International 1990 11th
Heavyweight NPC – National Championship 1989 3rd
Heavyweight NPC – National Championship 1988 5th
Heavyweight NPC – USA 1988 Top 12
NPC – USA Masters, Teen & Collegiate National 1988 1st HW & Overall
Heavyweight & Overall NPC – NYC Metro District 1987 Female Athletic of the Year
NPC – USA 1987 Top 15
AAU – Ms. America 1986 2nd Medium class
NPC – USA 1986 Top 15
NPC – National Championship 1986 Top 15
NPC – National Championship 1985 Top 15
AAU – Physiques International 1985 1st Medium & Overall
AAU – Ms. America 1985 2nd Medium
NPC – USA 1985 Top 15
AAU – Physique International 1984 1st Medium class
NPC – New York State Gold’s Classic 1984 5th Heavyweight
AFWB – Tri-State 1984 1st Hwt & Overall
AFWB – USA 1984 Top 15
AFWB – Ms. North East Atlantic States 1983 1st HW & Overall
AFWB – Ms. Dan Lurie Classic 1983 1st HW
AFWB – Ms. New York City 1983 1st Medium & Overall
AAU – Eastern America 1983 1st Medium & Overall
AFWB – NGA Championship 1983 1st Heavyweight & Overall
AFWB – Ms. North East Atlantic States 1983 1st HW & Overall

Natalia Romashko: Interview & Gallery

Location: Boyarka, Kiev region, Ukraine
Master of sports of Ukraine of international class in weightlifting
Master of sports of Ukraine of international class in powerlifting
Master of sports of Ukraine in bodybuilding
Ukrainian silver medalist in weightlifting
Bronze medalist Ukrainian Powerlifting
Ukrainian silver medalist in bodybuilding
Champion of Ukraine Tug of War
Champion of Ukraine in rowing boats “Dragon”

Universalism Natalia Romashko pleasantly surprised by professionals and sports enthusiasts. Natalia successfully won titles in: powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and you’ll be amazed at rowing boat “Dragon “and a tug of war.

Click Here for Natalia Romashko Gallery

Click Here for Natalia Romashko Interview

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6ft 6″ Pro Boxer Vonda Ward

Vonda Ward is a former basketball player, and the 6ft 6″ boxer turned pro in 2000.

Pictured with 5ft 9″ Wanda Salazar, image via
Her boxing debut was in January 2000, when she knocked out Faye Steffen in round one, something she did very often – her first four fights all ended in first round knockout wins. Vonda has fought 23 bouts, won 17 by knockout, and only lost one fight in her career.

The one match she lost, was to nine inch shorter Ann Wolfe. Ward was knocked out in the first 70 seconds of the match; breaking her record as an undefeated fighter, and is her only loss to date. Ward was removed by a stretcher, given oxygen with a mask and required hospitalization after this bout, watch below:

Powerful Petra Enderborn

Click image for gallery

Valerie Creux French Female Wrestler

photography source homegrown archives

biograph source:

Birthdate: 1963 — 5′ 4″ · 150 lbs

Valerie is a powerful bodybuilder from France. She’s strong, sexy and feminine and has become an increasingly better wrestler over the last few years. Valerie usually overpowers those who oppose her, although she only wrestles men! She likes being strong and is very confident about her physical strength.

Dana Linn Bailey: Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Consultant

I grew up a jock.  At age 6, I was already on the swim team, waking up and going to practice just like the big kids.  Up until high school, I was a 6-sport athlete all year round, playing soccer, basketball, field hockey, softball, running track and also swim team.  In high school I continued with my 3 favorite sports, soccer, basketball, and field hockey and excelled in all with many awards.

Click Here For Dana Linn Gallery

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Glute Training Video

An oldie but goody – a “glute aerobic” workout.

Personally I think tossing some iron on your shoulders and doing some serious squatting would be way more effective..

Anja Langer Female Bodybuilder Biography

Anja Langer started competing in the bodybuilding at 18-years-old in secret. Her parents weren’t supportive of the sport, but her heart was set. Her dedication and effort brought her fourth in the German Championship in 1983 and in the World Champion in Australia in 1985. She went on to win the German as well as the European Championships in 1986. In 1987, she placed second in the IFBB Pro World Championship. Anja took second place in the 1988 Ms. Olympia. She was aiming to take first in the 1990 Olympia, but pregnancy prohibited her from putting enough attention on her training. However, Anja has been active in the industry all through the 90′s and into 2000.

  • Born: June 1965
  • Grew Up: South Germany
  • Childhood Sports: Gymnastics, diving and jazz dance
  • Started Weight Training: Age 15
  • Degree: Graphic Art

Michelle Andrea Sexy Bill Dobbins Shoot

Michelle Andrea is an amazing athlete that Bill Dobbins camera fell in love with. He has done some amazing work and has posted 54 new photos displaying Michelle’s magnificent muscles in the Bill Dobbins Premium Site.

Female Muscle has moved the site to a more robust server to handle all the demand, and has new video updates from Bill Dobbins that will be appearing very soon! Become a part of the action and don’t miss a thing!

Contest History:

Nationals – NPC, MiddleWeight, 1st
USA Championships – NPC, MiddleWeight, 2nd
World Amateur Championships – IFBB, MiddleWeight, 8th

Jan Tana Pro Classic – IFBB, 7th

Ms International – IFBB, 9th

Melanie Reynolds: Australian Natural Bodybuilder Gallery


Melanie Reynolds, 28-years-old, of Cairns, Australia has a dream of becoming a professional “body sculptor,” as they call it, but we would refer to her as a natural bodybuilder. Her progress is especially remarkable because just seven years ago she had her hip replaced.

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