Natalie Pennington Looking to Drill the Competition

Natalie Pennington, 31-years-old, is more than a pretty face, good teeth and IFBB bikini competitor. She is a full time dentist. Raised in Korea by her mom she didn’t grow up playing sports. She spent her youth learning the violin and piano. “That’s the Asian side. That’s mom taking control,” Natalie said, referring to her years of violin […]

Linda Wood-Hoyte the Real Deal

Linda Wood-Hoyte, 67-years-old, is so dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding, health and fitness that she has spent the last 27-years participating in bodybuilding at some level. Linda didn’t start bodybuilding until she was 39-years-old, but she never looked back! “To me [bodybuilding] is the most exacting, fascinating, demanding, selfish, disciplined sport I know of and I love […]

6ft 6″ Pro Boxer Vonda Ward

6ft 6″ Pro Boxer Vonda Ward

Vonda Ward is a former basketball player, and the 6ft 6″ boxer turned pro in 2000. Her boxing debut was in January 2000, when she knocked out Faye Steffen in round one, something she did very often – her first four fights all ended in first round knockout wins. Vonda has fought 23 bouts, won […]

Valerie Creux French Female Wrestler

photography source homegrown archives biograph source: Birthdate: 1963 — 5′ 4″ · 150 lbs Valerie is a powerful bodybuilder from France. She’s strong, sexy and feminine and has become an increasingly better wrestler over the last few years. Valerie usually overpowers those who oppose her, although she only wrestles men! She likes being […]

Anja Langer Female Bodybuilder Biography

Anja Langer started competing in the bodybuilding at 18-years-old in secret. Her parents weren’t supportive of the sport, but her heart was set. Her dedication and effort brought her fourth in the German Championship in 1983 and in the World Champion in Australia in 1985. She went on to win the German as well as the European Championships in 1986. In […]

Michelle Andrea Sexy Bill Dobbins Shoot

Michelle Andrea is an amazing athlete that Bill Dobbins camera fell in love with. He has done some amazing work and has posted 54 new photos displaying Michelle’s magnificent muscles in the Bill Dobbins Premium Site. Female Muscle has moved the site to a more robust server to handle all the demand, and has new video updates from […]

Monica Martin

About Monica is the first Brazilian female bodybuilder to receive an IFBB pro card. Always into athletics, she partipated in cycling, ballet, martial arts and gymnastics and started liftng weights in 1986 as part of her training. She entered her first bodybuilding competition in 1994. Now residing in Florida, Monica speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and […]

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