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A well done computer generated female bodybuilder whom the artist calls ‘Urbana’. I think it’s rather clever, although gets a touch creepy at the end…

Jamie Eason Art

Some interesting artwork of fitness model Jamie Eason from members of the Deviant Art website. Click on images to enlarge to full size..

Art by user Panlannen


Art by user *Diri


Ultimate Muscle Morphs

For a look at some ultimate morphed photos of fitness models and female bodybuilders check out Area Orien blog. Some samples below……



Dyna Level 2 by D.C. Matthews

Here is the biography of D.C Matthews: “No, I’m not the same Dave Matthews as in The Dave Matthews Band. I wish I could play a musical instrument, or sing, or something!
I was born in Burlington, North Carolina December 23, 1953; but I’ve been living in Orlando, Florida since 1974. I can think of very few other places I’d rather live, although the traffic is starting to get annoying. Employed by Rubio Arts, Inc. as a “quick-sketch” portrait / caricature artist at Walt Disney World. Currently, I spend most of my working hours at the Brown Derby caricature stand at the Disney-MGM Studios. This is the source of 99.9999% of my income, even though I think of myself as (see above) an “illustrator and cartoonist” …much the same way as an aspiring actor might take a job as a waiter or cab driver to earn an actual living, and still consider him/herself an actor.