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We want to thank Russia for: Oksana Grishina

Oksana Grishina CALL NOW! 313-263-3935 International Calls – 214-446-1459

We here at FemaleMuscle want to issue a public service announcement to Russia: Thank you for Oksana Grishina. We really appreciate having her here in the USA and since many of us are upset over our elimination in the World Cup yesterday at the hands of Belgium(or rather: the feet of Belgium), we need to be cheered up.  For some reason, Oksana cheers us up; and as we head into our Independence Day weekend, we will turn to the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of Oksana Grishina to cheer us and celebrate our independence. Thank you Russia(and thank-you Oksana!)  Again, please follow Oksana on Facebook, Oksana on Twitter, Oksana on Instagram, Oksana Main Website.

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Graciella Carvalho: Brazilian Beauty

Graciella Carvalho CALL NOW! 313-263-3935 International Calls – 214-446-1459

The only thing that comes close to the excitement of the World Cup in Brazil, is Brazilian phenomena, Graciella Carvalho.  After placing 2nd place in the Miss Bumbum Brazil Beauty contest, she has become known worldwide for having great assets, her gluteus maximus muscles.  More than just a pretty face(and a great ass), she has now become internationally known as very active and serious in promoting fitness.  She both reps a supplement company and has followers from around the world on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where she posts various curiosities and great pictures of her exercise regimen to inspire others.

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Rene Campbell: philosophy and physique

Rene Campbell, female bodybuilder

Rene Campbell is awesome!

am always pushing forward, believing in myself and never giving up. I learn from every experience that presents itself and gain strength from it. I’ve been very lucky to have wonderful role models around me who have taught me valuable life lessons and enriched my life. Ive been blessed with two beautiful boys who make me realise just how precious life is. Good people are few and far between, so I treat people dear to me like precious gems. A question I get asked a lot is “Why did I start bodybuilding?”

For More and Renee Campebell Female Bodybuilding Gallery

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Malibu the Million Dollar Baby American Gladiator is on FemaleMuscle Talk Ext. 398


Call Malibu @ Ext. 398 Now: 313-263-3935 AND New Lowest Rate 214-446-1459 (only $3.50 per minute)

Call Malibu now at Extension 398  313-263-3935 AND New Lowest Rate 214-446-1459 (only $3.50 per minute)

Call Malibu now at Extension 398 313-263-3935 AND New Lowest Rate 214-446-1459 (only $3.50 per minute)

Malibu the American Gladiator/Wrestler/Movie Star

Hair: Long/Blonde Height: 5’8”

Measurements: 38-29-39 Weight: 151


Marley and Me

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