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Coco’s Booty Workout!

Irina Derkacheva

Derkacheva Irina is champion of Ukrainian Bodybuilding
Date of Birth: on June, 27th, 1980
Place of Birth: Kherson, Ukraine
Height : 168 сm
Weight: 67 kg
Marital Status: single;
Achievements in sport:
Ukraine Cup 2004 – III place;
Ukraine Cup 2005 – I Place ;
Championship of Ukraine 2005 – ІІ Place (NABBA).
Ukraine Cup 2006 – ІІ Place ;
The Championship of Ukraine 2006 – ІIІ Place (NABBA).
Championship NABBA of Ukraine 2007 – ІІ Place

Claire Rohrbacker-O’Connell

Claire Rohrbacker-O’Connell has been lifting weights since she was 14 years old, and competed as a teen bodybuilder from the age of 16 years old. She competed in various shows, and won the lightweight class in both the Teen Nationals and the Teen USA. She stopped competing when she was 21, and many years later decided to make a ‘comeback’ in 2004.

Noemi Olah – FBB Bikini Pro & QNT Fitness Model Workout


There is a great interview with Noemi here where she talks about how she got started doing competitions.

“When I was a teenager I use to read a lot of fitness magazines and I would admire the physiques that were displayed in them. So I guess my main motivation came from wanting to look like these amazing athletes.”

She talks about her workout routine and supplementation.

“I prefer higher intensity interval type cardio, but occasionally I also do 40 minutes of cardio at a steady pace. Both do work although interval sprints are much more fun whereas normal cardio can get a little boring.”

Plus there are lots more pics!

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Taina Piikkila Poses for Competition


Female Bodybuilder from Finland – Taina Piikkilä Bodybuilding Dance

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CrossFit – The Fittest Woman in the World: Thor’s Daughter


At just 22 years old, Annie Thorisdottir is the reigning female champion in the Reebok CrossFit Games. That’s no small feat–the Games are considered one of the ultimate fitness challenges in the world. The two-day games involve a variety of competitive feats that aren’t announced until a few days before the event (which means you can’t specifically train for each portion).

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Red versus Blue


The 2012 Olympics marked the year of Women Athletes. Marina Gastl of Austria in red and Una Tuba of Serbia in blue oppose each other in this qualifying match, proudly representing their homelands.

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A Girl with Big Biceps


Lenda Murray, 8x Ms. Olympia works out at Gold’s in Venice, CA.

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