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Alaina Berube: Another Highlight On Her Wrestling Resume

Alaina Berube: Another Highlight On Her Wrestling Resume

After coming in mid-season  as an interim coach, Alaina Berube has been named as the new head coach of the highly successful University of the Cumberlands Women’s wrestling team. This is special for the University and Alaina because it is where she graduated from in 2007 with a Public Health and Exercise & Sports Science […]

Karla Nelsen: What We Could Find

When FemaleMuscle first posted about Karla Nelsen, we got great feedback and some requests for more on this beauty. After quite a bit of searching, we came up with very little. Karla is going to be 45-years-old this year and grew up in Minnesota. Minnesota is also where she picked up the sport that made […]

Grappling Video…A Little Retro, but ALL Good!

Megan Dolan Vs. Alaina Berube – Female wrestling from the 2004 New York Athletic Club Christmas Invitational Wrestling Tournament. Alaina Berbue has quite the resume and is very accomplished in the wrestling world! She is currently coaching college wrestling. Sharon Jacobson Vs. Chelynne Pringle – – Female wrestling from the 2004 New York Athletic Club […]

Sarah Bäckman Mission Impossible

Sarah Bäckman, 18-years-old, has not slowed down in her mission to be the best. Recently, Sarah and her team went to the European Armwrestling Championships in Russia. She went with a dream of one day winning as a senior competitor and her dream was not as far off as she had thought! Sarah won the […]

Changing the Size of Sumo

Clare Lutton, 24-years-old, and Caitlin Szanto, 19-years-old, are competitive sumo wrestlers which isn’t too big of a deal until you see them. They are changing the way people think about sumo wrestlers, and they will be the only women from Sydney competing in the national sumo championships on the Gold Coast this month. ”There’s a […]

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder AURÉLIA GROZAJOVÁ

Aurelia Grozajova, 39-years-old, is an amazing, muscular Slovakian IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, a quality we love at FemaleMuscle. She has quite the resume of USA shows as well as international. Something interesting about Aurelia is that she is loves historical fencing. Height: 5’8″ ft Off-season weight: 163 lbs Competition weight: 149 lbs Chest: 48 in Quadriceps: […]

Up In Arms, Ends In Pins

The Bull City charity tournament for female arm wrestlers held in North Carolina recently showcased an awesome line up of strong women from the League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women. Khuwailah Beyah (pictured above on right), who fights as Monster Cookie, pined her way to win the tournament, which raised 3,500 for a charity helping […]

When You Add Competition, Friends Become Rivals

Josee Morneau, 36-years-old, and Lori Pow, 48-years-old, started out as friends and co-workers. They then started training together and today, they are “healthy rivals” in the sport of arm wrestling, but it has been several years since they pulled against one another.  The two Canadian’s met in the first round of the women’s division at the Manitoba Arm Wrestling Association […]