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Worlds Strongest Women…EVER (still?)

Worlds Strongest Women…EVER (still?)

Do you know of anyone who has challenged these numbers? Post in the comments below… Becca Swanson is the STRONGEST WOMAN EVER.  Undisputed! She has been power lifting for 12-years and is renowned. Her career is nothing short of amazing and inspiring. Ric’s Corner recently posted a two part video interview that Female Muscle wanted to […]

It's Not The Critic Who Counts

Justine Dohring is making a name in the NPC as a light heavyweight, but that wasn’t always her stage. Before the NPC, she was a top power-lifter. One of Justine’s favorite quotes, and one she lives by is from Theodore Roosevelt: It’s not the critic who counts. She continues to push forward and chase her […]

It's All In The Family

Tina and Beverly Crawford (mother and daughter respectively) compete together nationally in women’s power lifting competitions. Beverly (pictured above) began competing when her brothers football coach said he could make a champion out of her, and that is exactly what he did! She is now a four-time national champion. Most recently, she won the United […]