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Suzan Kaminga Gallery and Video

Suzan Kaminga Gallery and Video

Suzan Kaminga was a prominate bodybuilder in the 1990’s. It is said she was was known throughout the industry for being notoriously fun-loving and very well-liked. She was also an excellent, natural performer on stage and her posing routines typically generated a lot of buzz. Susan was famous for her full, curvy, muscular figure. There is […]

Christine Envall Gallery

Christine Envall Gallery

Christine Envall, everything an IFBB Bodybuilding Pro should be…muscular, ripped and developed! STAR SIGN: Sagittarius MARITAL STATUS: Happily married to Troy for nearly 10 years OCCUPATION: Professional athlete & Technical Product Manager for International Health Investments QUALIFICATIONS: B. Sc. (Hons) Food Science & Technology SPONSORS: International Protein YEARS TRAINING: 17 TRAINS AT: Empire Fitness Centre […]

Shawn Elizabeth Tan named as New FemaleMuscleLive.com Boss

Shawn Elizabeth Tan named as New FemaleMuscleLive.com Boss

 “How to Meet, Date and Seduce Female Athletes” by Lori Victoria Braun” (Click Here to Buy on Amazon) Shawn Tan has an amazing story as we have already explored.  Jorge Román González Ávila described Shawn Tan in 2 ways: Athlete and Woman As athlete: Her dedication, discipline, inspiration, overcoming, determination and commitment are her best qualities […]

Christine Envall Biography

Christine Envall, IFBB pro, has not competed recently, however, she’s considering an IFBB comeback.  We completely support and encourage this female titan of the industry to grace us with her return.  Check out her website. Height: 5’3″ Contest Weight: 160-165 lbs Off-Season Weight: 190+ lbs Measurements: (at 180 lbs) Biceps: 16″ Calves: 17.5″ Upper Quads: […]

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder: Melissa Dettwiller

Melissa Dettwiller is a fan favorite and a site favorite…She more of her on SheMuscleRaw. Personal Facts: Birth Place: New Orleans Currently living in: Las Vegas Favorite Body Part To Train: Legs Birthday: November 12 Favorite color: Pink Pets: 4 dogs & 2 cats Something you wouldn’t know about me: I love to collect cast […]

Dayana Cadeau, IFBB Pro, Gallery

Dayana Cadeau is a stand out bodybuilder with a physique to die for and a smile that melts hearts. It wasn’t too hard to figure out who she was in the “Do you know this bodybuilder” post, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see her from every angle! Here is the gallery FemaleMuscle […]

Amanda Michelle Folstad-Ptak Looking for Pro Card

Amanda Michelle Folstad-Ptak is heading to Las Vegas this weekend to compete in the NPC USA bodybuilding championships. She lives by the motto: “Eat for Function, not for Flavor,” and it shows. She looks great and is sure to be a tough contender in this weekends showdown. Her Facebook tag line says: National Level Body […]

IFBB Bodybuilder Vicki Nixon Moves to Figure

Vicki Nixon, 49-years-old, has 25-years of bodybuilding under her belt. She was officially retired, but this month she will be steping on the IFBB New York Pro Figure stage in her pro figure debut. The New York Pro Figure is held in conjunction with NPC Pro Qualifier, Team Universe. This is particularly significant for Vicki, because in 2004 she […]

Amazon Women Part 1 (Video)

This video, from the series Secret Lives of Women,  follows women bodybuilders through their journey through the life they live to the world and the lives they lived behind closed doors. Watch and see the stories of Dena Westerfield, Lauren Powers, Emery Miller, and Joan Lopez. Really the only thing these women have in common is […]