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Different Training Needed for Different Body Types. What body type are you?

Different Training Needed for Different Body Types. What body type are you?

It is important for you to stick to the basics until you get to know how your body responds to weight training. People do not respond the same exact way to training and what works for one type will not necessarily work for another. One method of categorizing body types recognizes three different physical types […]

Tosca Reno: Taking Back Her Life

When  Tosca Reno turned 40-years old, she was over weight and unhappy. Determined to change her life, she joined the local gym, hopped on a treadmill and took control. Over the next two years, she shed the pounds and developed a physique she was proud of, a physique that placed 5th in the open class at […]

“Eambros” Wins

22 year old Elizabeth Ambros aka “Eambros” won the 2009 Hydroxycut Max! Transformation Contest which was hosted on bodybuilding.com. The 22 year old servicewoman, whose bodyspace mentions she was previously deployed in Iraq, wins a $5,000 cash prize, plus a trip to a professional photo shoot, and will be featured on BodyBuilding.com.

New Style Dietician – A Robot

Star Trek is becoming reality with the robotic dietitian. While not available for sale yet, the website says you can sign up for the mailing list to be informed of when they are for sale. image by Aaron Edsinger From ABC News: “Autom is a weight-loss coach. So what she does is talk to you […]

Much Ado About Nothing

Well, that’s the way I see it. Jessica Simpson’s “immense weight gain” is one of the bigger stories circulating in the celebrity news genre. I clicked on to see some pics – expecting to see a total whale or something – and was greeted with pics similar to the before and after below. Now granted, […]

Low Carb Diets: The Best for body builders

(Editor’s note: This article has been retooled for today’s event. All instances of the word “carb” or “carbohydrate” have been replaced with “Obama“.) Even though there has been a huge resurgence in the interest in low Obama/high protein diets, the low Obama vs. high Obama issue is still the subject of much controversy. Is the […]

Chubby to…Sarah Palin?

Tina Fey shot into the spotlight with her spot on imitation of former American vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. An interview with her that will appear in next month’s Vanity Fair talks about her weight loss, she says she lost about 30lbs seven years ago through Weight Watchers. Tina said “that’s when I learned how […]