Want Musclular Legs?

Want Musclular Legs?

The Primary Factor is to first Lean Your Legs Losing fat on the legs is primarily in the nutrition and added cardio. Diet is most important, as it will lay the path for weight training and cardio. -Eat a balanced meal every three hours -Take in optimal protein for your body -Choose fresh and natural […]

Ultimate Pump Workout Routine

Ultimate Pump Workout Routine

  Photo Credit: Bill Dobbins Jim Stoppani, PhD Ultimate pump: pound your arms with the 2 X 4 workout—and grow 2 inches in four weeks Our training articles are always underpinned by research, often detailed at length. But sometimes we ask you to trust us because we know a program works. How can we be […]

It’s OK to be strong & smart

Women of a certain age enjoy talking about being bombarded with less-than-empowering media messages when they were girls. They’re right, of course. Madison Avenue’s idea of the appropriate aspirations for females tended to focus on bouncy hair and mastery of avocado-colored kitchen appliances. But males have had their own challenges. And summer is the perfect time to […]

What is the kettlebell physique?

This article is being reprinted with permission of author, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, RKC Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor and website owner, Adrienne Harvey, of Google Webmaster Tools told me your collective dark secret: you want to know what you’ll look like if you train with kettlebells diligently over a long period of time.You may have […]

Marilyn Monroe Lifting Photos..

Well before her time, screen legend Marilyn Monroe was reported to have always maintained a regime of weightlifting and regular exercise. Visitors reported finding gym equipment in the corner of her living room. At a time before running was a popular for exercise, let alone for women, Marilyn is said to have regularly partaken in […]

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