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Kathryn Zent: Fit at 50

Kathryn Zent is a figure competitor who has competed in both Musclemania and Fitness America competitions. This wouldn’t be anything unusual – if she wasn’t 50 years old. The ‘soccer mom’ from Maryland is obviously in great shape for her age – any age really – and a great inspiration.

Photos by George Legeros

64 Years Old….

And yes I am serious.

Dee Lazard is an NPC bodybuilder who at 64 years old, or really I should say young, still competes in the open classes – and places well too….


Trudy Ireland

51 year old NPC bodybuilder Trudy Ireland talks and flexes below. Trudy won the Heavyweight class and the Overall at the 2007 NPC Masters Nationals.

2009 NPC San Diego Masters Champ

Wendy Ida entered her first figure contest this year and ended up winning the masters division of the 2009 NPC San Diego Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Championship on March 21, 2009.

Working out is my cup of coffee in the morning,” she says. “I love how it makes my body smile. But my greatest reward is seeing how I inspire others to step up their game. It’s a wonderful thing to see how the power of fitness can set you free.”

What’s so unusual about this? Wendy just turned 57 in May.

images via Blacknews.com

Elizabeth Rohde


Elizabeth Rohde started bodybuilding at age 53 and now competes in Figure shows.

The hairdresser by trade has been on a pursuit of physiological perfection ever since a local bodybuilder introduced her to the sport two years ago.

“I want to be like a sculpture,” she said. “I think you can accomplish that … I cannot give it up. I’m addicted. I love it. I just love the sport.”

It comes with sacrifice. In addition to keeping a meticulous diet, Rohde had to gradually stop most food and water intake in the days leading up to the competition. She drank just eight ounces of water the day of the event to achieve a look that is dazzling to the eye.

Image and text via an article on the Patriot Ledger, click the link to read and view more photos.

Mountain Climbing Figure Champ

Susan Ershler climbed to the summit of Mt. Everest on May 16, 2002 with her husband Phil becoming, “The first couple to climb the Seven Summits together” which is the highest peak on each of the world’s seven continents). She also became the 12th American woman to climb Mt. Everest.

And to top it off, this past weekend she won the over 50 year old category of the NPC Emerald Cup:

image via MD, click here for their full Emerald Cup gallery

The Gun Show: Madonna

Well I’m impressed by the mainstream media getting all hip with itself talking about “guns”, here is the caption for the photo below from their site: “Madonna smuggled a gun show into Elton John’s Oscar bash – and we’re not talking about weapons.”

The NY Daily News has a slideshow with almost 20 photos featuring a look back at the Material Girl’s ever-expanding biceps with commentary and all. Click here to check it out


I cannot say this photo from the slideshow below was my favorite. Madonna looks beyond fabulous for age 50, and also did so much with popularizing the “buff look” with the mainstream, more then we as bodybuilders could ever do – but still I am getting a cadaver feeling for the photo below.


Still, the gallery they did up is cool – so check it out

First Woman to Swim Across the Atlantic

Jennifer Figge became the first woman to swim across the Atlantic, finishing this month. From Aspen, Colorado the mother of one swam in a shark cage which she described as “my playpen. It’s like a big french fry basket.”


Photos and text from the Associated Press: Reaching a beach in Trinidad, she became the first woman on record to swim across the Atlantic Ocean.

The 56-year-old left the Cape Verde Islands off Africa’s western coast on Jan. 12, battling waves of up to 30 feet (9 meters) and strong winds

Figge woke most days around 7 a.m., eating pasta and baked potatoes while she and the crew assessed the weather. Her longest stint in the water was about eight hours, and her shortest was 21 minutes. Crew members would throw bottles of energy drinks as she swam; if the seas were too rough, divers would deliver them in person. At night she ate meat, fish and peanut butter, replenishing the estimated 8,000 calories she burned a day.


Sounds impressive? Well it is, but not the most prolific example of distance swimming. The AP also reports that French swimmer Benoit Lecomte made the first known solo trans-Atlantic swim about 10 years ago, covering nearly 4,000 miles from Massachusetts to France in 73 days. No woman on record has made the crossing.

Do these people not know instead of taking two months to swim across, you can catch a flight in 7 hours?

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