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The Gun Show: Madonna

Well I’m impressed by the mainstream media getting all hip with itself talking about “guns”, here is the caption for the photo below from their site: “Madonna smuggled a gun show into Elton John’s Oscar bash – and we’re not talking about weapons.” The NY Daily News has a slideshow with almost 20 photos featuring […]

First Woman to Swim Across the Atlantic

Jennifer Figge became the first woman to swim across the Atlantic, finishing this month. From Aspen, Colorado the mother of one swam in a shark cage which she described as “my playpen. It’s like a big french fry basket.” Photos and text from the Associated Press: Reaching a beach in Trinidad, she became the first […]

Tina Turner: Going 70 This Year

One of the world’s most prolific artists – Tina has sold nearly 200 million albums worldwide and has the distinction of having sold more concert tickets than any other solo performer in music’s history. Now living in Europe, Tina will be 70 years old later this year. Also known through time for her legs, Tina […]

72 Year Old Wanja Sjödin

72 year old Swedish fitness enthusiast Wanja Sjödin defies all concept of age. A former model, she started weight training at age 47 and ran her first marathon when she was 50. image via zonecapone The pic doesn’t begin to show her fitness level – the video below she is popping out dips and pushups […]

Hudson Hero: Wife a Fitness Expert

Anyone who isn’t living under a rock is aware of the ‘Hudson Hero’ – Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger who landed a US Airways plane in the Hudson River after engine failure. This has been saturating all the news channels, deservedly so as his unprecedented actions saved the lives of every single passenger onboard. His […]

Nationals Notable: Dee Lazard

I’ve posted about Dee Lazard before, so excuse me as I repeat myself – but I have to. She competed this past weekend at the NPC Nationals, didn’t “win” technically – she placed 15th. However, to me when one is over 60 years old and still competing in national level in bodybuilding, I think it’s […]