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The Joy of Natural Bodybuilding

The Joy of Natural Bodybuilding

Many people choose not to take drugs for fear of health consequences. Although this may be a legitimate concern depending on the degree and duration of drug use, this is not the reason I chose to stay natural. In fact, I believe that the dangers of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs are probably exaggerated […]

Liza Reichenberger Pro Natural Bodybuilder a.k.a. Herculiza

Liza Reichenberger is a dynamic woman and is widely known as Herculiza, a very fitting name. She is involved in so many aspects of the industry is hard to know if she ever sleeps! She has been competing in bodybuilding since the 1980’s and her physique keeps getting better and better! In an interview she shared […]

OCB Tri-Cities Championships 2010 Results

OCB Tri-Cities Championships took place on April 17, 2010 in West Nyack, NY. The show was promoted by Brian Fahrefeld and Premier Fitness. Elvira Coca (pictured) won the women’s bodybuilding and earned professional status; she has been competing for eight years and is to the surprise of many, 49-years-old. Elvira can be reached at her […]

2010 ABA Natural Illinois Body, Fitness and Figure Championships Results

The 2010 ABA Natural Illinois Body, Fitness and Figure Championships had a great turn out this year! The show was held in Bolingbrook, Illinois.The show was put on by Mr. Natural Olympia, John Hansen. Men’s Open – Overall winner – Pierce Walker Short Class 1st Pierce Walker (below) 2nd Aaron Santos 3rd Mike Lacombe Tall Class 1st Larry […]