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Training time with Anne Freitas

Training tips from Anne Freitas

The abdominal muscles are like any other, so you also need to work heavy that is, put a lot of weight and rest to get the hypertrophy. But this hypertrophy is not worth it, if it is hidden below a fat layer. So the only way to get lean abs is by having a balanced diet and aerobic exercises, decreasing the body fat percentage. The abdominal muscles have a very good fibrosis recovery, this way they can be stimulated 2 or 3 times a week, making sure there is a 24 hours rest. Demystifying some very common & frequent facts in the gyms, there is not a certain type of exercise that work only isolating one specific abdominal muscle. There are certain angles and movements that work a bit more certain abdominals areas. So is it very important on the training elaborations to mix different exercises, such as:

  • Abdominal Crunch on the bench
  • Leg Raise on the incline bench (lifting the pelvis)
  • Lateral Crunch on the bench

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Fun on the Pilates Machine


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Different Training Needed for Different Body Types. What body type are you?

It is important for you to stick to the basics until you get to know how your body responds to weight training. People do not respond the same exact way to training and what works for one type will not necessarily work for another. One method of categorizing body types recognizes three different physical types and it is called “somatotypes”.

The ectomorph: short upper body, long arms and legs, long narrow feet and hands, and very little fat storage. This body type has a narrow chest and narrow shoulders and long, thin muscles.

The mesomorph: large chest, long torso, solid muscle structure and very strong.

The endomorph: short musculature, round face, short neck , wide hips, and heavy fat storage.

No one is totally one type but a combination of all three types. Any body type can be developed with the correct training and nutrition however people with different body types will need to approach their training with different objectives, even though they may all have the same goals.
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Bent Barbell Curls for Women


THENEST: “Step 1 Hold the barbell with an underhand grip. Your palms should face away from your body as you stand erect with your arms extended at your sides. Set your hands shoulder-width apart. Step 2 Exhale as you raise the bar to your upper chest by bending your elbows. Your upper arms should remain still for most of the lift, but they can move forward slightly at the end, to allow your forearms to reach a vertical position. Step 3 Inhale as you lower the bar slowly to the starting position. Perform at least eight repetitions.”

Yaxeni Oriquen Ms. Olympia Contest 2004

Yaxeni Oriquen, October 28 – 31, 2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Alexandre Medved Wrestling Tournament 2007 Female Freestyle Wrestling 63kg Final Olga Khilko (Belarus)Red-Anna Belyaeva (Belarus)Blue

The video work from the broadcast network is outstanding, one of the highest quality female wrestling videos that we have shown here.

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Vicki Nixon: Wild Angel Female Bodybuilder MILF on WebCams

A true veteran of bodybuilding, Vicki Nixon has been competing over 20 years winning over 20 shows. She earned her WNBF pro card in 1993 and competed in the WNBF pro division for a while. After competing in NPC figure a few times, she went on to earn her IFBB pro card in bodybuilding in 2004.

Vicki, also known as Wildangel, works with shemusclerawlive as a performer where she says she “loves to show off her body”. Click here to check out her profile.

Photo by JC Lopez.

Debi Laszewski Bahamas Bound

Debi Laszewski is scheduled to guest post at the Grand Bahama Bodybuilding and Figure Championship this weekend. The show is seen as a warmup to the upcoming Bahamian nationals to be held later this month, and bodybuilders from Nassau, Abaco and Long Island are expected to compete.

debi bahamas

Debi recently placed 2nd at the 2009 Arnold Classic, see her photos here.

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