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Quads – Retro Gallery!

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The quadriceps femoris (Latin for “four-headed muscle of the femur”), also called simply the quadriceps, quadriceps extensor, quads, is a large muscle group that includes the four prevailing muscles on the front of the thigh. It is the great extensor muscle of the knee, forming a large fleshy mass which covers the front and sides of the femur.

Want Musclular Legs?

The Primary Factor is to first Lean Your Legs

Losing fat on the legs is primarily in the nutrition and added cardio. Diet is most important, as it will lay the path for weight training and cardio.

-Eat a balanced meal every three hours
-Take in optimal protein for your body
-Choose fresh and natural food over processed
-Don’t go hungry or skip meals
-Limit and/or omit junk food
-Limit and/or omit alcohol

Bad Information about
Leaning Your Legs

There is a lot of bad information out there and many times you waste your time sifting through the junk to find something quality. Should you include cardio or not? Should you incorporate heavy or light weight training? Should you engage in low or high repetitions?

These are some of the factors I will cover to help make your leg transformation possible.

Heavy Training vs. Light Training for Leaning Your Legs

To build muscle you need to do heavy resistance training in the 4 to 6 repetition range to failure. Lighter weight and repetitions in the 15 to 20 range will build more endurance and strengthen the joints. Both of these tactics can be used to their advantage.

Being that you already have thicker thighs, you will be better off alternating heavy, moderate, and light training with a variety of repetitions to target all the muscle fibers, from strength to endurance. This also serves as constant shock to keep the legs responding.

24″ Calves

From Youtuber ‘mlsbjb‘, who measures her calves on the below video.

24″ is a massive, massive measurement for calves as even most of the largest female bodybuilders out claim calves of 17-18″.

Visualizing this….her calves are the size of many women’s waists!

Click through to see a photo montage video of the owner of these 24″ calves
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Donkey Calf Raises

How To
1 – Bend forward holding something for support.
2 – Ask a training partner to sit across your back
3 – Lower your heels
4 – Contract your calves and raise up on your toes

An old school exercise that has fallen out of favor in recent years, donkey calf raises offer a serious burn and if you have the right training partner….alot of fun

donkey calf raises shemuscleraw
Image via shemuscleraw.com, click here for more

Legs: Maryse Manios

French IFBB pro female bodybuilder Maryse Manios is one of the larger competitors competing today, Maryse takes the stage at a reported 170lbs at 5ft 5in with 26″ thighs, 18″ calves, 17″ biceps and 48″ pecs.

This video features her legs; sheer calves, quads and hamstrings…

girlsgotlegs .com

girlsgotlegs .com

by Lori Bruan

Check out this site if you like female athletes with muscular legs.

Erotic photography and cool video focusing on the strongest and most powerful female legs in the world.

Quads, calves and feet. If you like scissor holds, I am sure you will enjoy this site.