Megan Avalon

Megan Avalon Looking to Build Muscle

Megan Avalon is already an accomplished model and bikini/figure competitor, but she is looking for more. In a recent interview posted on YouTube (below), she talked about a show she is preparing for and future goals. She is working towards putting on some more muscle and entering a physique competition. Physiques is in between figure […]

Megan Avalon: Pamela Anderson Meets Bodybuilding

Megan Avalon, 24-years-old, has been labeled “Barbie with Muscles.” She is trained by Jennifer Cowan and is working hard to pull two very different worlds together: bodybuilding and fashion. Megan’s one part Pamela Sue Anderson, another part Barbie, mixed with Jillian Michaels and female bodybuilder. It’s just a matter of time before she’s discovered and not […]