Iris Kyle

Yaxeni Oriquen on the road to Ms. International 2011

Yaxeni Oriquen, who won the Phoenix Pro, fell second to the legendary Iris Kyle in 2010. However, Yaxeni’s stage presence and beauty has her in a league of her own. In a couple of weeks, Yaxeni will face Iris again at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.  Check her out in this exclusive Female […]

Iris Kyle Gallery/Bio

A small gallery reminding us all how AMAZING Iris is… Born: August 22, 1974 Birthplace: Benton Harbor, Michigan Family: Second youngest of six (four brothers and one sister). Early Sports Experiences: Ran Cross Country for cardiovascular fitness. Played Basketball (point guard), and Softball (shortstop). Earned High School All-American honors in basketball and received multiple offers […]

RESULTS: Iris Kyle Ms. International Winner

Female Muscle has a full gallery for each competitor…read more to see your favorite! From the earlier call outs, it was little surprise to see Iris and Yaxeni in first and second. As you can see in the picture above she looks AMAZING. I would dare to say I think it is her best mix of muscularity, […]

Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia vs. Debi Laszewski

Iris Kyle was, in my opinion and the judges, the clear cut winner of the 2010 Ms. International. But what separated second from third? Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia (blue suit) took maid of honor while Debi Laszewski (red suit) trailed at third. It is time for Female Muscle to take a look at these women side by side. It […]

Iris Then Or Now

I was looking at a pic of Iris this year and thought how nice she looked, not my favorite suit but she was amazing. Curiosity struck me and I wonder how many others like the “new Iris”? I prefer her hair, make up and think her muscularity looks less rough and more polished. 2010 “Polished” Iris […]

Iris Kyle Pump Up Video 2

Iris Kyle was on her “A” game in Columbus, and no one could deny she was the clear winner of the show. What I am wondering is this: Is it just a coincidence that her pump-up band matches her suit? Either way, our love and respect goes out to Iris Kyle the best physique in the […]

Arnold Classic Raw Footage

Take a look at this raw, behind the scenes footage of the competitors. It isn’t often that we get to see what goes on behind the curtain…the girls are playful and sweet. Even pumping up Iris Kyle looks unstoppable! Click to view a behind the scenes gallery

Lenda Murray or Iris Kyle?

There has always been controversy between and amongst Lenda Murray and Iris Kyle. Lenda was named Ms. Olympia a dominating 8 times. Iris, reigning Ms. Olympia, has five and counting. The two have gone toe-to-toe in several competitions jousting for first and second place. The title went back and forth a few years proving the […]