Interview with the amazing Female Bodybuilder Cassandra Floyd

Interview with the amazing Female Bodybuilder Cassandra Floyd

  Female bodybuilder Cassandra Floyd was kind enough to catch up with Female Muscle while rushing from the Atlantic City Pro to the Olympia Weekend. Thanks Cassandra! Lori Braun: What was it like winning your pro card? Cassandra Floyd: It was a validation that all the hard work and dieting finally came to fruition. By […]

Fantasy Muscle: Spotlight on Area Orion

Area Orion has been creating some of the hottest female muscle morphs in the fantasy muscle community since 1998. Below is a collection of recent works and an interview with this non-conventional artist. What do preferred to be called? Ben, although I mostly get AO or Orion. Some people think my name is Area which […]



   Click Here for Gallery LEIGH PENMAN A Pro figure competitor since 2006, Heather Mae French seems to have her life pretty much together…Personal Trainer, model, mother, Species Nutrition sponsored athlete…she is certainly a source of inspiration to both established and up and coming athletes. I managed to get her on a rare ‘time-out’ and […]


LEIGH PENMAN – RX MUSCLE One of the athletes featured in my recent article ‘Sex, Muscle and Power’ was a relative newcomer called Kortney Olsen (better known as KO) a popular attraction on the this sites and one of life’s eternal free spirits. I recently decided to grab a hold of her (figuratively speaking!) and […]

The Many Sides Of Rhonda Lee Quaresma

LEIGH PENMAN – RX MUSCLE One of the great things about the world of female bodybuilding is that it has more than its fair share of interesting and controversial characters. One woman who wears the labels of both categories with pride is RhondaLee Quaresma. Never one to shy away from a ‘hot topic’ or run […]


LEIGH PENMAN – RX MUSCLE Ever since she first stepped on the competition stage way back in 2005 it seems that figure competitor Larissa Reis was destined to become one of the sport’s most notable athletes. Running away with first place in that debut performance only served to re affirm the fact that she was […]

Fantasy Muscle: Artist Spotlight on Fett

Some artists create with a driving passion in their soul. Fett isn’t one of those. This Female Muscle artist does however put an expressiveness into his characters that elevates them into more than just massively muscled women. They have a soul and tenderness juxtaposed into the body of a goddess. I took a minute with […]