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Training time with Anne Freitas

Training tips from Anne Freitas

The abdominal muscles are like any other, so you also need to work heavy that is, put a lot of weight and rest to get the hypertrophy. But this hypertrophy is not worth it, if it is hidden below a fat layer. So the only way to get lean abs is by having a balanced diet and aerobic exercises, decreasing the body fat percentage. The abdominal muscles have a very good fibrosis recovery, this way they can be stimulated 2 or 3 times a week, making sure there is a 24 hours rest. Demystifying some very common & frequent facts in the gyms, there is not a certain type of exercise that work only isolating one specific abdominal muscle. There are certain angles and movements that work a bit more certain abdominals areas. So is it very important on the training elaborations to mix different exercises, such as:

  • Abdominal Crunch on the bench
  • Leg Raise on the incline bench (lifting the pelvis)
  • Lateral Crunch on the bench

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Different Training Needed for Different Body Types. What body type are you?

It is important for you to stick to the basics until you get to know how your body responds to weight training. People do not respond the same exact way to training and what works for one type will not necessarily work for another. One method of categorizing body types recognizes three different physical types and it is called “somatotypes”.

The ectomorph: short upper body, long arms and legs, long narrow feet and hands, and very little fat storage. This body type has a narrow chest and narrow shoulders and long, thin muscles.

The mesomorph: large chest, long torso, solid muscle structure and very strong.

The endomorph: short musculature, round face, short neck , wide hips, and heavy fat storage.

No one is totally one type but a combination of all three types. Any body type can be developed with the correct training and nutrition however people with different body types will need to approach their training with different objectives, even though they may all have the same goals.
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Massive Nikki Fuller: In her own words

For those of you who do not know me from the bodybuilding scene, let me give you a brief introduction of myself!

It started back in the late ’80’s when I was just a tyke, learning how to put a few poses together and step off stage with a trophy! It was just supposed to be a one time shot to diet down and fight the anxieties of getting on stage to perform compulsory poses and the free style routine for a packed auditorium! I won the first show I ever entered, which was the 1988 Novice Oregon, and two weeks later competed again in Seattle’s very coveted regional event of the Emerald Cup! I took third to two returning national level competitors and was more than inspired after that to take competition more seriously! I met someone by the name of Steve Wennerstrom, and he arranged for me to meet with Bill Jentz of Women’s Physique World! I really feel that if Steve hadn’t been so persuasive about my next contest goal that I may have stopped after winning in Oregon.

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Homegrown Muscle

debbie_laszewskiI was flipping through Female Muscle’s Home Grown Talent gallery last night, when several of the images really caught my eye.

And I mean REALLY caught my eye.

Now, don’t misunderstand me – all of the images in the Home Grown Talent gallery are a pleasure to look at. But some of them…well…as Emeril Lagasse might say, kick it up a notch.

From fitness and figure, to homegrown bikini girls and massive female bodybuilders. It’s all there. If you want it, we have it.

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I like it dark. Do you? Happy Halloween!

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Now that the rest of my friends are here, let’s play another game. This one gives you wimps a chance to feel our sexy muscles all over. Each of you wimpy guys will have one of us muscular women as a partner. We will be in a dark room where we won’t be able to see one another. I will call out the names of different muscles and you wimps will have to find that part of your partners hard massive body without seeing it.

Do you think you could find my big, bulging biceps or huge quads in the dark? The bodybuilders can pose or move around or even wrestle you while you are feeling our hot, sexy bodies. How would you like to feel my big muscles in the dark while I have you in a headlock with my sexy, hard biceps pressed into your face? Maybe you would rather feel my muscles while your head is trapped between my powerful legs. That would be a big challenge for you and so much fun.

Let’s Play Now!

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Superwomen: Karen Norris could give any many a man a run for his money

Cambridge News

Super fit Karen Norris is one of the country’s top female bodybuilders. Louise Cummings pulled in her stomach and flexed her muscles for a chat with the Cambridge personal trainer to find out the secret of a perfectly sculpted body.

Like any woman Karen Norris loves a bit of glamour. With her sleek blonde hair, deep tan, pearly white teeth, and perfectly-manicured talons, she clearly takes pride in her appearance. Ever the glamour-puss, she loves nothing more than slipping into a pair of gravity-defying heels and a sparkly outfit.

The only difference between Karen and your average thirty-something is that rather then donning her heels for a night at the local disco, she is usually strapping hers on, along with a barely-there bikini showered in crystals, to flex her impressive pecs and show off her magnificently toned body in front of a panel of judges.

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