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Greek Goddess: Anastasia Papoutsaki

ap0There is a new Greek Female Bodybuilding Goddess and her name is Anastasia Papoutsaki. In this context we welcome Anastasia Papoutsaki of Heraklion, Crete. Anastasia has a long history in competitive sports from an early age, starting on the track as a track athlete at the 100m and later focusing on the 400m hurdles receiving honors in Greece and abroad.

After closing her circle in track athletics and while weights always attracted her, she felt it was the right time to seriously get into the “iron” sport, bodybuilding. This year was her first distinction in bodybuilding by winning the Ms. Crete title. With the help of her coach and the support from the specialized supplements WarriorLab she is on her way for even greater achievements.
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Huge Female Biceps Gallery

Some guys are leg men, and some are into butts. The guys I like most of all are the ones that love big, biceps. Why? Because I love to flex mine!

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Nina Furseth: Aiming for the Stars

I was born May 19th 1980, and grew up in a quite small place, on the west coast of Norway. My great interest in and passion for fitness and training began at the age of 11, when I started doing jazz ballet. Later on, throughout my early years, I trained a lot of aerobics, step, spinning and bodypump, and I just loved it! Therefore, at the age of 20, I took the education that was required and became Certified Aerobic Instructor. This year (2000) was when I moved to Oslo, the capital of Norway, to study, and I worked part-time as an aerobics instructor at a small fitness centre there.

My interest in, and concern for health and nutrition started at an early age too, and I soon discovered the importance of proper nutrition and how it was connected to training and physical exercise. I read a lot about the subject to get as much knowledge as possible, and I just found it to be more and more interesting and important. It is safe to say that “Healthy Living” already then had become a real lifestyle for me.
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Instead of More Bikini Contests What We Need Is More Physique Categories

Monica_Brant-Studio-043008_036By Bill Dobbins

I see a lot of female physique competitors who go into figure because they don’t think they can – or don’t want to – get as big and muscular as either amateur or pro bodybuilding champions. However, although you can make a lot of changes to the body with dieting and training, there seems to be very distinct differences in the genetics of bodybuilders vs. figure competitors. Like the story of the Ugly Duckling, ducks are ducks and swans are swans and wanting to be something other than you are doesn’t really accomplish anything.

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The Flying Finnish Fitness Beauty: Minna Pajulahti

By Kaisa Piippo

Minna Pajulahti is a 25 year old fitness competitor from Finland. She has been competing in fitness for five years and is hooked on the sport in and out. Or what do you think – how many flight attendants do you see living such organized live that competing in fitness demands? When she’s not flying around the world, she also works as an aerobics instructor. Another dear hobby of hers is cheer dance, which includes jumps, pirouettes and dance moves. She competes at national and international level in a team called Dream Team Dancers.

Minna lives in a small town called Nokia with her two dogs. She likes to be around people and her family and says,  “I have two brothers and two sisters. Two of them are younger than I and two are older, so I am the one in the middle. My family is very big part of my life so it is nice that also my mother and father live near me. I have met many of my good friends while doing sports and I mainly see them in practice or in the gym.  My family and friends have been a great support during these years that I have been competing.”
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Lisette Valdes: Miami Heat

SONY DSC“I stay lean all year long because I diet and maintain my training the same. I only change the intensity depending on my competition status. Off season, I diet as I would for a show with the exception that I do not boil my chicken twice in distilled water before I eat it (just once in regular water off season) or occasionally I may not eat boiled but instaed baked chicken,” she says.

“Off season I may allow myself to enjoy cashew nuts, maybe some great salad dressing on my salads that may contain deadly amounts of everything, but salad dressing is a gift to have!”
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Lindsey Cope: Super Strong

Lindsey Cope is a cute blonde figure competitor from Reno Nevada.  Born on New Year’s Eve, Lindsey can make the claim that the entire world parties to celebrate her birthday. Though it’s been years since she’s been on a national level stage (2007 USA’s), we couldn’t help but share this gallery compilation. We are hoping someday to see this gorgeous blonde with tons of potential back on stage, kicking ass and taking names.

As you can see, Lindsey has that gorgeous girl-next-door appeal with a twist. The twist you ask? Yes…..not many girls-next-door have an amazing physique, with the great shape and symmetry that Lindsey has.

So Lindsey, please come back, we need to see more of you on stage!!!
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Marcia Feijo of Rio de Janeiro

Marcia Feijo Since childhood , my life has always been closely linked to physical activity, participating in every sport in school.  I was a dancer when I started attending the academy, first with my mother and then alone.  I was never able to stand still but then 2 years ago I entered the world of fitness. It was after a serious family trouble I’ve able to lift weights and escape a suffering that seemed endless. That moment was just me and myself. And so my hobby became my passion, my life! I am a mother, a teacher of Physical Education, trainer and IFBB Figure Athlete! Fitness is my life, this is my world!
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